Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deceptive Delima

Here is what I would show you of I were not truthful...  How does Jon think up these mind-twisting-rascals? I must have started this about five times and even so, JUST NOW, I see my final glorious finale is completely f..ooey!
Here is the fake:
I sewed up the flaw.

Here is the real one.  Can you see it?  
Ending is NOT my forte!

Adding beads to a pattern that confounds me is just plain wrong.  I do not know why I stubbornly cling to doing that -    I get so easily bored, I suppose. This will have to be done yet again.


In-between takes, I had to amuse myself.  This is from the Workbasket Book again.  Can you imagine tatting the entire tablecloth? Yikes!


New Word To Describe Gian:


  1. I like that unique motif on top! :)
    And the awesome mat motif in such great colors! :)

  2. I've had to fake to get through my mistakes many times! Your fake looks fabulous to me! At tablecloth... hmmm... that might be a bit much for me... unless you're talking doll house size!

  3. I like the WB motif, interesting but I don't think I'd make more than two without going bonko!
    I love how bold you are with the beads.

  4. Fox, You make me laugh. Thank you.

    I wish Umi could jump out of the screen for Gian. Goodness, Umi is such a scaredy cat, she would probably run and hide at the sight of anyone she does not know.

    I think Delima looks challenging. If you did not tell, no one would know whether you sewed it up.

  5. 'Fake' I say unique creation - I can't for the life of me see what's different, perhaps if they'd both been in plain threads I might stand a chance!

    Jon's motif are pretty, perhaps now I'm getting me 'tail ends' sorted I'll tackle some more.

    Looks like Gian is smitten!

  6. Hi Fox,

    You make me laugh, there he is falling in love with your laptop, and you have a wonderful time NOT with Jons Pattern, It looks a lovely pattern, I am sure it will look beautiful with beads, Have you tried doing it once before adding the beads so you get the hand of it first.
    Have a nice weekend, sending Gian a cuddle

  7. Once again, I do not see a flaw (sewn or not)... maybe that's my deceptive dilemma...

    colors are nice - do you know what they are?

  8. Lily - this is Karey Solomon's HDT in #30 - I think it is Cebelia, as it is a soft 3 ply. Also old, as it is easily broken!

    Margaret - this one has LOTS of beads! That is the problem. I need to stop using them in the first go-around!

    Fox : )

  9. I did not see the difference, where You sewed it up. To me it looks good. But it is surely a challenging motif.
    Seems that Gian is in love with Your laptop.

  10. Deceptive Delima looks wonderful. Especially love the colours.

  11. Ha! Some of my cats would be sitting on the laptop :)