Sunday, September 11, 2011

Answering Is'Dihara

She asked how I was to add the second row, since I had run out of Karey Solomon's HDT.  Well, I found some of Yarnplayer's Celery and Bob's your uncle!

Unfortunately, the thread is a smaller size than the rest and the cupping was distorting the centre, even after much blocking and prying.  So, I ended up cutting it off to save the middle, which I rather like.

Yes, I know, I could just lengthen the chains and so on, but I do not like spindly chains and anyway, I was getting a bit ...hmm... bored with the repetition!

So, moving right along...

The masking-tape-bead-securing 
solution is working admirably.



  1. Oh, that's the way I add beads always. Some I add to the thread before starting but mainly I do it that way. Here's the page I put up when I discovered it for myself!!!
    I was disgusted with myself that I'd been tatting for well over 50 years before realising this could be done!!!!

  2. Wow! I feel positively brilliant after discovering this after only three years! Thanks for this delicious comment! You made my day.
    Fox : ))

  3. As Jane noted, she prefers this method and I've seen many others who have also. I prefer to string them. They're on there and ready to go. I have trouble finding a fine enough crochet hook for most of the beads I use so adding as I go is a hassle. Size 16 works well but it also breaks easily so I use it sparingly. That's the wonderful thing about tatters - there's more than one way to make the goal!

    And what does "Bob's your uncle" mean?????

  4. I do it to! :-D I don't like adding beads before starting, I'm alvays afraid I've counted it wrong or I forget to add them to the circle...

  5. Hilarious comment about Bob's your uncle! Nicely done too bad it puckered. Makes me want to buy more HD threads though


  6. Bob's your uncle? Voilà, or 'there you have it'.
    Fox : )

  7. I add beads several ways, and 1 of them is this way, and you are correct that you need to carefully snug up the threads behind.
    Thank you for the remembrance for today. I am glad that Canada has not had to deal with this type of insanity.

  8. I tried adding beads that way a few times, but couldn't get them to lay quite right, so I went back to stringing them. Of course, the trade-off is that if I'm using multiple colors of beads I have to read through the pattern carefully and count which bead will end up where so I string them in the right order. But hey, whatever works!

  9. Dear Fox, I just saw your comment, I never even log in to blogger these tatting has become soo boring. I have given up doing anything new. It is just a displacement activity to reduce stress... I enjoy your blog, though. :)

  10. I am interested in the Finca it smaller than DMC 80? What is it like to work with? I must see if there is any on the Thread exchange.

  11. I like how the 'celery' goes with the center. As a needle tatter I usually add beads to the thread before tatting, though I have found I can add beads while tatting with dental floss threaders.

  12. Because of other tatters, I have been aware of adding beads 'as you go'. Unfortunately, so far I haven't ventured too far into the world of beads, but beading and tatting are perfect together. I'm amazed how everyone knows the details of their beads!

    Thank you for the last photo. It has been a day of reflection and remembrance.

  13. Wow, thanks for your answer, Fox. It would have never occurred to me to try Celery HDT (and I have some in my stash) OR add beads that way. Now I must try it, since I hate to pre-string beads. You are so very clever!

  14. I feel like I need to do more I research on this bead adding thing... The reason I don't tat with more beads is because I *hate* stringing them! It never fails, I always need *one* more bead than I've strung up.... Ah! I have to stop coming to your page, Fox, or I'll be a "real" tatter!! Eeeeekkk!! :)

  15. Lovely motif and beautiful colour what a pity you run out of the mddle one.
    I have had a good laugh they dont know what "Bobs your uncle is" I find the problem with lanuage to, The US write english and spell words differently to UK I often have to think what they are saying.
    I am going to pop over and look at Janes link, I might learn something new after 40 years of tatting.

  16. HAHA... Bob's your Uncle.... the all-too infamous line by Randy Disher.... Somebody's been watching Mr. Monk!!! LOL - love that tv series... too bad it ended, but it ended well!!

    The HDT dilemma seems to have worked out nicely. You do such nice work, Fox!

    Keep it up!