Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simply Splendid

#12 Motif Challenge
HDT #30 - Karey Solomon
Finally, I was able to complete something I am really pleased with.  Feels good.  

I was wondering why I was wasting my life tatting and what was I going to do to occupy my hands when I had fled from the shuttles... You know  - THOSE - thoughts.  

Then I got going on this piece and it felt great right from the beginning.  I suppose, in tatting, as in life, you just have to ride out those rough spots and keep an open and... calm (!?) mind.  Good to remind myself, when the shuttles start hitting the opposite wall and Gian dives for the covers....

Pattern is in here... what a grand little publication this is!

I want to show you a photo 
with the motif against  red.
I like.

Lastly, I want to say that I seem to have had some small success with the dyslexia and pattern reading.

Of course I ignored ALL the professional advice and coaching I have had about how to deal with this small hinderance to my existence, but in desperation I pulled out the colouring stuff and went to town on the diagram and made my own road map as well...

It goes to show that once again, overcoming the stubborn, completely bullish part of my personality pays off.  If only I could remember that!

If only I could remember tatting as metaphor...  : ))


  1. Really nice motifs! I love the colors on the bottom one!!! :)
    I have several dyslexics in my home and family so I can relate just by having to teach my(now 21) youngest to read since the local school system wouldn't and just kept passing her to the next grade(she apparently learned well-not because of me-because she took a college entrance exam and had college level reading and writing scores**WOW).
    I think your tatting is awesome so keep working on it! :)

  2. One reason I do so many needlecrafts is to keep from getting burnt out on any one of them. It's easy to get frazzled and frustrated. Today my guild demonstrates at the Global Fest event. Since another tatter will be there during my shift, I've chosen to take a RPL project instead. It's still lace and that's all that is required here. No period clothing or anything like that. The butterfly I was tatting last night reflected a poor choice of colors and I became disheartened. I had tatted the body so well! But I clipped it off and will try to retrofit a new one to the already tatted upper wing.

  3. Hi Fox,

    Beautiful, you are back to your tatting self, lovely deisgn and I love the colours you have used.

    I am glad I gave you a laugh. Hes still picking up things, he has at least another week to go before the stitches can come out, and it will be another two weeks at least before the stitches inside disolve.
    Have a nice weekend


  4. Hi Fox

    The motif is very beautiful!! Just remember if you get to upset with your shuttles you could always pick up your tatting needles!!! :)))))


  5. Wonderful! Fabulous! Marvelous! Especially those very long chains; they can be so difficult to control.

    The red background brings out the HDT very nicely. Red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, so it makes sense.

    Is that another Teiko Fujito pattern you're working on now?

  6. What a nice motif. And I like Your colour choice so much.

  7. Kelly... dream on! ' Needle Nora' : ))

    Miranda, I can never get a thing by you!
    Fox ; )

  8. Well done and your first photo of the finished tatted motif looks very complicated and beautiful. Perseverance pays off. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

  9. Beautiful Fox! Sometimes you just have to take a break from things :)

    I came across this a few months ago, it's about a new font created by a dyslexic -

  10. I have this book, from a giveaway courtesy of Gina, and I totally agree that it is a 'grand' publication.
    I tatted the same pattern from the book but your rendition with two different shades of thread is certainly better than mine.

  11. well done, fox!

    the motif is pretty and the 2nd one is doing great. can't wait to see the finished piece. now i need to pick up my bowled WIP soon... :P

  12. I like too. I like the pattern a lot, and especially love your color choices. It really sets it off well. Good job!