Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Step Forward , Three Un-tats....

This was so frustrating for me to tat, as I made a fundamental error that I never corrected - the length of the picots in the second row is not long enough.

The threads, Karey Solomon's #30 and Mercer #40 were not the same size, the #30 being larger than the #40!  The slight difference mad the cupping of the second round difficult.  The pattern  is from The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito, which I first saw on Tatting Fool's blog here.

As always, her impeccable tatting inspires me, so I thought I'd give it a go:

Obviously, the picots are much too short:

I also tried it with a different colour around the
outside, but changed my mind.

And so goes the weekend thus far.

Some things made me smile:


  1. Lovely motif! It would look great as an ornament on a bag or a sweater, the 3D effect would be an advantage there.

  2. I get frustrated when I make my picots the wrong size also. Maybe that's why I tend to keep tatting the same designs over and over again... I don't have to think about things like picot sizes!

    I do like to colors you chose, and I think the motif is wonderful!

  3. Actually, that's about what mine looked like too before I blocked it. I know you hate blocking, but in this case it really does help like nothing else can. The colors are so pretty, and you tatted it so nicely, why not give it a try just this once?

  4. Gian:

    Keep it up. Persist. Soon your keeper will know who is in charge.

    When she's not looking, take some of the tatting off her lamp and hide it under the bed.

    your teacher,

  5. It's so pretty though!!

    Trial and error, Fox... trial and error.

    But you already knew that ;-)

  6. This motif looks quite lovely! I have had round motifs cup before also...always frustrating...but if you can turn it to your advantage, as alveaenerle suggests, then it is a WIN- WIN.

    You could make another motif, identical to the first, and sew netting to the inside of the cupped centers, making a sachet. Voila!

    No matter what you do, your work is praiseworthy and pretty darned impressive!

  7. Thank you, everyone! : ))

    Miranda, I blocked the hell out of this one! I ironed it, wet it, flattened it and applied the Criminal Code! Still cupping! You see the results of all that blocking. : ))

  8. Very pretty motif, it looks lovely in a 3d effect, but I can see what you mean about not making the picots long enough.
    I think she wants to be the boss now so you will have two mini boss and cat boss.

  9. I like the shape of this motif, Fox, and like your choice of thread colors. Wouldn't it be lovely to add beads to the center, let it cup, and turn it into a brooch? or a lapel pin? Place a couple of leaves behind and voila.

  10. I always have a problem w/ picot sizes, especially on older patterns...sometimes I wished they'd give an exact measurement :) I do love the colors.