Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Under Maebh's Wing...

..pronounced Gee-ahn,  as in Gian Bernini or Jian Ghomeshi (CBC "Q" Broadcaster, for any Canucks out there in Tat-land!)

We have been to the vet and Handsome, here, is in splendid health and is only 24 months old!  The animal shelter, where I found him, told me he was about 4 years old.  Bonus!

Get this - he was left in a huge suburban furniture store parking lot, in a carrier.  A Chocolate Point, neutered and declawed Siamese! (I hate the fact that he is de-clawed, front paws) as this is a barbaric thing to do to an animal, but that's just the way it is.)

He is an amazing, affectionate, talkative, sweet soul and we are already fast friends.

He has made another friend, who is eagerly teaching the importance of shuttles and thread to  Gian...

I have been busy being adopted, but have managed a bit of border:

I could not get rid of the idea of that green bead somewhere in the pattern for this hankie:

This #80 is surprisingly easy to work with when there are mistakes.  I cannot tell you how many of the Josephine Knots I have had to un-tat (pathetic admission, n'est-ce pas?) and all of them have worked out just fine, an event that does not approach success when dealing with Cébélia!  This DMC is so crisp: a pleasure!


  1. He is perfectly gorgeous. Why someone would dump such a creature is beyond me.

    Years ago, DH brought home a lovely flame point Siamese boy from the shelter, and he was de-clawed too. Creamy with striped orange points, had crossed blue eyes. He was named Ponce de Lion (Ponce de Leon is a big street in Hotlanta) and he slept on my pillow every night, purring fish breath at me.

    Gian is lucky to have such a good home - and I know you are delighted with him!

  2. Wonderful cat!
    Wonderful motif and wonderful tread!

  3. Your new companion is, indeed, very handsome. Here's wishing you many happy years together!

  4. Was waiting not-so-patiently for this post! Even DH wanted to see the update!

    HANDSOME AND STUNNING - if I may use that word! Gian's story is just too scary! Someone left him in a carrier in a parking lot?! Gives me chills just thinking about it. Possibly this was hugely traumatic for the owner. Must be a sad story there. Obviously they wanted him to be found.

    But how fabulous that he now has a WONDERFUL NEW OWNER! We look forward to many more photos! He's positively breathtaking! Excellent photo with Maebh!

    Your edging is breathtaking, too! I didn't realize it's size 80. I'll have to take your word that it's easy to work with! I'm seeing a cool 'corner turn' there! This is definitely the perfect color and edging for this gorgeous handkerchief!

  5. Gian is such a handsome fellow!

    Oh and yes your tatting is beautiful too!

  6. Yes, DMC 80 is still my favorite thread to work with, when I remember it. Only problem is, they have discontinued so many colors, I've gotten in the habit of buying Lizbeth instead. But I also buy lots of HDT's, and most of the dyers use DMC as the base thread for their size 80. It's just the best.

    Gian, what a lovely name. He is certainly making himself at home. I love the surprised look on his face in the last photo.

    What kind of %$#@^! abandons a cat in a parking lot?!? Don't get a cat if you're not prepared to keep him, and if you really can't keep him, at least take him to the shelter! GRRRR!!! I'm so glad he was found and taken care of, and of course that out of all the people who come to the shelter, he chose you!

  7. Your new kitty is a beauty. I had two siamese cats for years as a teen and young adult, Si'am and Mi'am...loved them dearly and miss them still, both passed on quite a number of years ago. No new kitties for me as both my husband and my little one are allergic...so I will enjoy admiring yours from afar :-)

  8. SOOO glad you have a new buddy, he looks ADORABLE! The edging is coming along beautifully!

  9. He's lovely... In a totally masculine way of course! ;) I agree about the declawing - it's terrible that people don't think about what happens when he escapes through the back door...
    I too have recently learned to LOVE 80 thread! But I don't hate the Cebelia ;) I'm using some of what you sent me right now to make a bookmark that I plan on keeping for myself! :-D

  10. Very handsome lad!! And is not camera shy! I think you have found a true friend!!

  11. A very pretty cat, hope you will all be very happy together. People can be so cruel to animals, pleased he now has gone to a good home.

  12. GOODNESS! Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments about my new buddy! Gian and I are almost in tears reading these welcoming words. You are all so generous with your time and so sweet with your words. Much appreciated!
    Fox : *)

  13. He is such a cutie I love Siamese cats and how could someone abandon animals like that?

  14. Such a handsom lad! Somehow I think we'll be seeing a lot of him - but I don't think there will be many complaints;) Lucky cat, to be rescued and then to find a home with you.

    The edging is looking very fine. I used DMC 80 on the socks for the granddaughter and it went much smoother than I anticipated. And it looks so delicate, the hankie will be stunning when it's done.

  15. What a lucky boy! (I always assume female for whatever reason - dopey me.) I can't imagine abandoning a pet anywhere, but I try to remember that everyone has a story. Fate brought you together, and in the end, that's the important part!

    Gian is a handsome devil - his name should probably be Lucky. Wait. That's probably what he named you, since you are the adopted one :)

  16. There is a television presenter here called Gian - ex-olympic swimmer, but she is female! - so I will have to accomodate a mind-shift.
    Being de-clawed means that your Gian must never be allowed to go outside, which is a shame - but he obviously loves you deeply already and will have a happy indoor life in his new home.

  17. Such a gorgeous guy! I cannot imagine how frightened Gian must have been, but he certainly looks happy, now! How I wish I could have cats again (very serious allergy which makes it difficult to breathe, and shots don't work) but I shall enjoy seeing pics of your mister.
    I like the edging and the beads!

  18. Aw! Poor thing, abandoned by his family. But, now he has his forever home, so that's good! Siamese cats are so fun, with their loud mouths. (: I look forward to chipper pictures of Gian! ^_^

  19. He is a beautiful cat. And with a very interesting history.

    Do you know how many times I misspell my own name when typing and it comes out gian...or giona? I thought perhaps you named him after me. (VBG)

  20. Your cat is gorgeous and your edging is pretty!

  21. Lucky you, indeed! Gian is very handsome and will share a wonderful home with you.

  22. Gina, I am glad to hear I am not the only one who misspells her own name! I do it all the time!

    Mauren, In Toronto, it is foolhardy to let animals run free, as they are sure to be hit by a car. One never sees dogs out off leash, and there are very few outdoor cats about now. This is a bad city for animals outside the home.

  23. He is beautiful, and looking very majestic,
    Lovely edging.

  24. Your cat is beautiful, and I love the name!

    The edging looks terrific! Look how much you've finished! I have 12 pattern repeats to go. Maybe with my Internet access down, I'll get it finished this week. ; )

    (Posted from Barnes and Noble, a half hour from home)