Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Days You Just Get Lucky...

WOW!  Yesterday I was moaning about the shuttles I lost and then to-day...I will let the photos speak for themselves!  In the morning I got  letter from Michelle with a surprise inside!  Thank you, Michelle! I had no idea you were sending me one of these. ( Did I sign a petition? Plead on your site? Beg in  Latin? I forget!) What fun!

I forgot to give you all the link to the "shrinky dink" data on Michelle's blog here: Lots of you had heard of this technque, but not me!  This is a brand new experience and I like it!

Then, later in the day I went to the post office to pick up what I thought was a book from Amazon that had been delayed in the postal strike.  Wrong.

It was a HUGE box from far away, from my buddy, Suneeti!

What a surprise this was!  Loads of goodies, including T-shirts, with FOX on the front, decorated with tatted motifs for The Boss nd Mini-Boss, a very pretty beaded necklace pour moi, hairbands with tatting and beads and all kinds of findings and great tatting bags and fantastic threads ... Oh, goodness! There was so much I was overwhelmed and very touched.  Thank you, Suneeti.

So, you see, you just never know.  : )
Not to be stuck with just one bobbin shuttle, I remembered that I did have two Pony shuttles tucked away... (Of course THEY were not the ones that got tossed!) So, I tried them and they felt terrible with that big bulky tail, so...  Ta-da!


  1. What FANTASTIC surprises! And so well timed. Love your brilliant smile!!!
    :) Ann

  2. Exactly Fox, you just never know... Enjoy your goodies!

  3. Gosh what a fantastic surprises, I look forward to seeing what you do with your lovely goodies. I hope mini boss loves her bits too.
    Have a nice day

  4. What a great way to brighten your day! Aren't those little shrinky dink shuttles adorable?

  5. Ooh, such marvelous goodies in the post! What a lovely treat!

    Would you mind sharing details of that swirly blue shuttle? is it a Shrinky Dink shuttle?

  6. Wow!! Ijust love getting surprises in the mail. With the strike over, all we have received in the mail was a bill from the township and a flier wanting to sell us insurance! :(

  7. Isdihara, Thank you! I forgot to share the info about the Dhrinky Dinks and so here it is:

    I have put the link in the body of the post as well.
    Fox ; )

  8. How cool! I bet my humble bit of thread will be reaching you soon to :)

    That flat shuttle may be just what you need to introduce The Boss into tatting herself!

  9. Ann, Thank you - you are very kind!

    Tatfully Yours - BILLS! I am so sorry! You should complain to the Post Office!

    creativasuculencia, That is exactly what I thought! I will use this shuttle to teach The Boss to tat!

    Our threads were delayed in transit because of the strike. I hope yours will reach you very soon!
    Fox : )

  10. What lovelies, Fox! Wonderful to get gifts in the mail, especially surprise ones! Looks like you have new goodies to play with. Happy Canada Day.

  11. Your goodies in the mail came at a great time, when you needed the pick-me-up. I was horrified at your loss - how awful for you! I'm glad you could make the pony shuttles work for you (you're not the only one I've heard of to fix that particular problem that way!)