Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shuttle Shock

I can hardly believe what happened to my lovely LaCossette shuttles -   all of them but the one I received this morning in the Canada Post, which is now up and running:

Before the postal strike, I wrote to LaCossette and told her it was with great sadness that I had to retire her shuttles for a while due to a sudden and ...ahemmm.....rather severe injury. (SO embarrassing!)  

Okay - so far so good.  I switched over to Clovers, which though adequate are not my idea of a fun tat.  I packaged up all the hook shuttles and bobbins and stored them in a little red tin given to me by my lovely daughter, when we were shopping in Chinatown, in Manhattan, several visits ago.

You with me, so far?  After the injury, late one night,  I was in a cleaning frenzy, and I organized my entire thread and bead stash, cupboard, desk, and then got into my wardrobe; then lastly, the kitchen.  It was a marathon clean and purge...    There were bags for recycling, for Goodwill and for the garbage chute.

Can you guess?

When I could not locate my shuttles, days after the midnight madness, I realized the worst had happened.  My little red tin had also disappeared.

All that remained was the language - ooohh là là, you should have heard me, when I realized what I had done.  I am only thankful that Gian had not yet come to stay to hear and did not witness the histrionics.

There you have it.  I feel like such an imbecile.  At least I have my sweet new shuttle.  As it must be lonely, I will have to consider ordering a few mates.  : ))


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry : (

    What a bummer --- and yes, order some mates for your single La Cossette

  2. Yikes! Is it possible you might have sent them to Goodwill instead of to the garbage? In that case, you might still be able to buy them back-- or if it's too late, you can at least hope that whoever did end up with them will know what to do with them. If they ended up in the trash, well then that calls for some strong language indeed!

  3. Oh no! SUCH a bummer. I would be distraught as well - and probably using the same colorful language choices as you. Until the dogs cocked their cute little heads at me anyway. Is there ANY hope that they could be somewhere within your clean abode?

  4. I checked the Goodwill bag before I took it down to the car. There is no where left to look : (( Thanks for the sympathetic responses. My kids don't get it... My friends do not tat.

    I can only sit in the cafe amidst strangers, sip my coffee and wistfully remember... violets.... roses... pansies... Thanks for 'getting it!" : ))

  5. Ohh dear! I feel for you. Let's hope it crops up one day. You never know. In the meantime, I wish I could lend you my LaCossette shuttles. Your latest shuttle is so delicately beautiful. Cheer up!

  6. How very sad! I have also accidentally tossed valuables. The memory of my losses can really get me down, so I try not to think of them.

    My sincere condolences.

  7. Oh,no. Sorry to read about your missing shuttles! I hope they do turn up. What a shame!

  8. Ah chere amie - merde.

    Je suis tres triste.

    Mais, il y a trois navettes ici:

    Peut-etre le "sunshine", mais oui?

  9. Oh dear! I am so sorry for what you have to go through.

    I wish I can suggest something positive that may come out of this incident, but I can't think of any:(

  10. Oh the HORROR! Like so many others, I hold out hope that (against all odds) the tin will turn up unexpectedly. Your pretty new shuttle will sustain you in the interim.

  11. Chère maman Crazy, Merci pour la suggestion formidable. Je suis sûr que je vais trouver quelque chose à mon goût!

    I actually feel very lucky - I have the good fortune to be able to purchase a couple more of these great tools, and I get to have a change, which is always healthy. This kind of drama I can live with! Thanks for your comments - they help a lot!
    Fox : )

  12. Sunshine on my shuttle makes me happy.
    Sunshine in my hands makes them fly...

  13. I'm sorry Fox! Thankfully it is a wound time, and perhaps a little green dough, will heal... but I can WELL imagine the painful scene that would have played out, as well as, the curse-infused-personal-recriminations that would have bounced about the walls of my own home, had it been me. And if you are like me, you must be exhausted. I hope having the lovely,new shuttle eased the sting.

    ❤ Ann

  14. Because I have sometimes found things that I thought were lost forever, I'm holding out hope that this will be the case for you! You might be surprised that you really put the red tin in a 'safe' place! I do admire your cleaning frenzy, though. I laughed when it extended to the closet and your clothes, then out to the kitchen. I have days like that - but not too often!

    I was also pleased to read that you really do like tatting with the bobbin shuttles with the hooks. They are my favorites, and I've admired LaCosette's work in decorating them!

  15. ohhhhhhh how terrible, I am sorry for your shuttle loss.
    I hate when I do things like that too. atleast you still have you beautiful single one that just arrived :)

  16. What a pity Fox, perhaps one day you will open a cupboard and there the tin will be, I admire your cleaning frenzy my home needs one too,
    Hope you are feeling better today

  17. I'm so sorry, Fox. I wish I had a magic wand to bring them back. I first saw LaCossette shuttles on your blog and that's where my ENVY started.
    I hope you will find them, maybe they were able to escape the bag and are hiding safely in some corner.

  18. I know this is a late condolence, but I feel your pain. After my broken needle I think that we should start a from Treasure to Trash club :)