Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plans Re-Vamped or The Inevitable Switcheroo


Pattern is by Cathy Bryant, from Tatting

Can you believe I have gone through almost a complete ball of that red thread?  Luckily, I ordered a few more balls, as I envisioned running out even before I decided to change the pattern.  

I took a bit of a liberty with this pattern, changing the number of ds from 10 in the Josephine Knot to 14. Looks better to me: more substantial.  Plus, I love tatting JK's!

As pretty as it was, I knew I would NEVER have finished the border in the other pattern - way too much work and the thread is just too small for a pattern that I found to be so challenging.  There was a lot of un-tatting.  And it is a hankie, for goodness sake!  Maybe if it were on something else, I would have persevered.  

Who am I kidding!  Never!  It was driving me nuts!

At any rate, this one is fun and easy; I really like it, I get to use the wonderful, gold  Delica beads, and I do not have to worry about a fancy-dancey corner.  So there.

My car has a new treat:
(Kelly's Clue... ☺)

And finally, to break up the monotony of the fine-thread border, I am really enjoying the #8 DMC Perle cotton.  This elicits mirth.  never thought I would use this stuff, let alone enjoy it.  Live and tat!


  1. The border is beautiful, the beads are perfect and the design is delicate and lovely.

    And I love your car ornament, what a great idea!

  2. I can see that this border will go faster. Enjoy!

    Now you're going to have fingerprints and noseprints all over your windshield as people look in trying to figure out what that thing is!

  3. Let me guess....

    your new car is....


    (heee, heee) ;))))

  4. Fox, I did what you are doing (switching between patterns for the edging)... I think I found what I was looking for after 3 tries. So have your liberty.

    Your car ornament is pretty. Just don't stop too my drivers because they are busy admiring it. LOL

  5. I feel in love with the DMC Perle Cotton when I purchased one ball of their variegated green at Palmetto's Tat Days last year. I love the soft and silky feel of it.
    I am waiting for the Tat Days to roll around again so I can get some more. I got a hanky from the give away at Threads of a Tatting Goddess which has beautiful colors. I will bring it with me to match a pretty thread for it.

    All that you do is beautiful... keep on tatting!

  6. Nice post, Fox! I love the red edging for your hanky!

  7. I've used Perle cotton many times, in both size 8 and size 12 (which is somewhat equivalent to size 30), and found it very nice to work with. Before the internet and before Lizbeth, I was able to find various colors of the Perle cotton in cross-stitch shops.

    I really love the new red edging! I applaud your persistence in finding just the right pattern, and this one is perfect! A beautiful complement to the red rose!

    And another pretty, new header! I'm still afraid to change anything on my blog!

  8. A milestone! You knew when to call it quits and move on!

    Love your new header too.

    Everyone else has said the rest!

  9. I love your new edging choice! You have given me a wonderful reason for not attaching the edging directly to the hanky. Can you imagine what a pain it would be to detach the rejected edging from the hanky?

  10. Thank you, All, for such wonderful comments and a special thanks to you, Gina, for really "getting"it!

    Yes, it was a HUGE breakthrough for me. I really appreciate your noticing it!
    ♡ Fox : )

  11. Your new banner is beautiful. Happy tatting...

  12. Your new edging is awesome! :)
    Love the car decoration! :)
    And nice star! :)