Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mail Strike Over! Whee!

That is the best news.  

This stuff?  Well, one is old hat...

Trial Version...

There is a new one of the above trial-tat on my shuttles, loaded with Michelle's gift thread, size #80!  It is surprisingly nice to work with.  

I suppose I am really becoming accustomed to using to the thin stuff because the hankie is so darn BIG!


  1. It is so ironic; I began using all the 80 I bought (before I knew better) this past month when doing the lace for the baby socks. Actually, it doesn’t seem that thin anymore. LOL And someone sent me a sample of 100.

  2. Yahoo!! Mail!!!

    I don`t know if I could get use to the thin threads or not! This from someone who didn`t see herself using size 30 or small threads!!

  3. Maybe it's something in the water... I am really liking the #80!
    Fox : ))

  4. I haven't gotten past size 50 with success fingers are too fat, I suspect, for the finer threads. That will make for a nice edging. in red?
    The strike's over? Where was I? Yippee!

  5. I started something in Size 60 but it looked more like Size 40. Ok, not much difference. I wanted to start a hanky edging in Venus size 70 but I realized with the 5g ball, I do not have enough thread and it is going to be months before I get to the same shop again to buy more.

    Yippee for the end of Canada mail strike!!

  6. Looking good so far lovely edging no 80 I have not used a lot of no80, I like your motifs that should look a gorgeous doily

  7. After my hanky edging, I'm getting the hang of using a small thread (#70). The finished product is rather dainty but goes well for something delicate. Nice. #80 is probably a better choice for hanky edgings.

  8. Hi Fox
    Many thanks for your visits and comments!
    Your blog is a volcano of ideas!!!

  9. Carla,
    A volcano??!!! LOVE it! Fox : ))