Thursday, June 30, 2011

Improvement On A Small Scale

I do see a big leap in the uniformity of stitches...

 #80 DMC thread compared to the slightly larger 
 #70 Vintage Coats

Though I am still enamoured with the fine thread - it tats up so crisply and the colours are so good in the DMC, though I understand that the choices are greatly reduced - I need a break!  Not in the thread either!

There is only this yellow and the red for the hankie of this #80 DMC in my stash, so I have run out of colours anyway.  I am sure when or where I acquired this yellow one.  Not a colour I would normally choose, but I like it!


  1. I don't usually like yellow either, but I'm finding that I do like a touch in my tatting and quilting!

  2. Yeah, yellow was never a big favorite of mine growing up, but now I find that I really like splashes of it. It looks very pretty for this motif.
    :) Ann

  3. Size 80 is smaller/finer than size 70. Remember that the higher the number, the smaller the thread. I like the small thread for small things but it takes way too much time to makes something big. I'm not THAT patient! I also don't think fine thread behaves as well with long chains or large rings. It seems to twist more, but I can't say I've really tested that theory out!

  4. I have a fair number of size 80. would you like to raid my stash? I am at work. when I get home, I will let you know what I have available in 70 & 80

  5. Size 80 is so fine, everything looks delicate and lacy tatted with it. The problem I have is that the knots are so small, it makes tonking a nightmare!
    I like the yellow/orange thread, and the pattern, too.

  6. The motifs look good, and I'm sure that an non-tattered would think they both look good, too;-)

    I think size 70 & 80 look great but I usually pull too hard and break it. And, like Gina, I think it twists more than the heavier threads, at least when I use them. But they do look wonderful tatted up, so lacy and fine. It's great that you enjoy working with them.

  7. I love the more square look in this one. Nice job..