Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Really Cannot Tat Anymore...


#23 Motif Challenge

Miranda's beads were perfect in this motif.

I had lunch with a girlfriend yesterday who appreciates tatting, so I took a few motifs to give her, as I always do.   She did not seem to be as enthusiastic about the pieces and then she spied the above - which was still damp from being subjected that morning to the weighty Criminal Code!

This is the finished motif from yesterday's post, a pattern by Wendy Durell called 4 Ring Snowflake that I found in my collection of "pieces to tat". I like it a  lot and brought it to show my friend.

As I was so enamoured with the design and wanted to test out RandaGray's Flora right away, I did not tat a trial piece - never do - and found the bead-adding a bit onerous with the split rings.  Missed a few additions and am not sure why, so there was some investigative work to do concerning this piece. I really should do a test-run, but am always too impatient. No  discipline for some things!

Also, the results of the tattoo testing are in.  It was definitely a GOOD idea.  The picots are better on the first try and picots are easier to tat and mot=re consistent in size.  I am happy with my decision.

However, I saw my friend's crestfallen expression when I said that this one was MINE!  Oh dear.  You guessed it.  She went home with the new lovely.  How could I refuse?

So, this morning I thought I would repeat the pattern;  I got this far:

It is just no fun for me to tat without the beads. I'm a goner.  I just cannot do it as I get too bored.  I wonder how I am going to fare with that hankie ...all those picots...all those rings...all that bare thread... NO BEADS!

Talking about the hankie, which I tried to begin about four times late last night -  nightmare - I received the red thread from Randi, who thought I might need it for the border.  It was so generous of her to offer, but I certainly was not expecting the package I received in the mail when I arrived home last evening...

It was such a lovely surprise.

Best of all, she included such a thoughtful message. I was touched by her words. I am lucky.

Oh yes, forgot to add that one of the teas enclosed, Twinnings Black Tea Pomegranate Delight, is my new absolute favourite. If you are a tea drinker, you must try it!


  1. Hi Fox
    This motif is wonderful! I like it very much.

  2. I'm surprised you got that far with no beads. LOL It really is a lovely motif, especially with the beads, and I agree the thread holders are so cute.

  3. The motif looks wonderful (btw, all your tatting looks wonderful) That's what you get for showing off your work - admiration! Beads can add a "wow" factor to a piece if done right, and you obviously did. Maybe if you do the hankie a little at a time with bead breaks on other items???

  4. The motif looks great either with or without the beads, but the beads definitely do make it pop! I like those thread holders. They look like foam, which I think would be marvelous!

  5. I say use tiny beads on the hanky and you won't have to suffer.

    Wendy Durell's 4 Ring snowflake is one of my favorites. Yours looks FAB with the beads!

    Have you ever used Dyna-mite beads? Tatskool sent me a motif with them and I was instantly smitten. Here is a link so you can see: Dyna-Mites™ #11 seed beads, blue/fuchsia

  6. Oooh, that motif is beautiful!!! Those colors just demand attention! :)

  7. Your title had me worried there for a minute. Maybe if you haven't gotten too far on the hanky yet, you could start over with beads on the shuttle, and slide a few beads into place between the rings. That would give you your bead fix and provide a way to regulate the length of bare thread between rings.

    The snowflake is gorgeous! Wonderful color combination, and of course I'm happy that you found a use for the beads!

  8. Isdihara,
    Just what I need... another place to buy BEADS! Thanks! Yes, this is a great little pattern. I really enjoyed tatting it.

    I have tried that hankie edging about eight times. I do not think I can use the Valdani thread. It has knots in it - little tiny ones every so often and it breaks... Might have to try another plan.

    Too many beads can make the hankie quite heavy, but that is a very good idea. Thank you!

    Fox : )

  9. Oh Fox, that title was TOO much, I about had a heart attack!