Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heel And Heal

Winging their way to Mini-Boss...

I compared the picots of the first sock to the ones on the second and I have to say that there is an improvement.  The dots do not cause me  to tat  identical lengths of thread, but merely provide a good, stable guide/marker by which to more easily compare the length of thread I decide on, when tatting the picot.  

Also, I seem to be able to tat faster.  The second sock was done very quickly, and I can only attribute the difference in time to the dots.

I was ready for a fun tat.  So, I teamed up some of the sample thread, #20 Flora that I received from RandaGray, with some pretty, rather large multi-coloured beads that came from Miranda.

This thread is great - almost spongy when tatted up; it has lots of body.  It does split more easily than Lizbeth, but the colours are wonderful. 

Thank you Miranda and RandaGray.  I am enjoying your offerings and will post this piece (which I SHOULD have practiced before I dove in with the best supplies, but I just couldn't wait!)


  1. Beautiful tread and beautiful edging! Your socks are lovely!

  2. Hi Fox,
    You are welcome to lunch anytime. The socks for mini boss are bright and beautiful.

  3. I absolutely love love your socks.

    I have one question though, do you or have you put lace on adult socks? and if so, how do you adjust for the stretchy-ness of getting the ankle part, over the heal area, of simply putting the sock on. I want to have some "cute socks, just for wearing around the house, yes, I am a "silly girly girl", but I don't want to have pretty flat lace on my ankle, but break it simply putting on my socks? does that make sense?

  4. I'm glad to see that you're healing so quickly, and that your new picot gauges work well!

    I love the new threads and beads... so much fun, it must be summer! Well, it's hot enough to be summer here, even if it's not official.

  5. Bree, I have never done socks bigger than those I tatted for The Boss - she is five.

    For her, I stretch them over a tin and tat long enough to go around it and sew it on and it constricts and =frills out when I take the sock off the tin. Same method would work for an adult - especially for a frilly edging. You just have to find a container that is the right size to stretch the sock over for the above procedure.
    Fox : )

  6. You're right - the picots are brilliant! Now that I have seen that it does actually make a difference to measure them,I have filed the solution in the little tin box I keep right at the back of my mind - to be pulled out, rummaged through and pondered upon - one day!
    How would you deal with a pattern which called for more sizes than you have dots?

  7. I hadn't thought of that, Fox, for making sure the lace was long enough for the stretching. Good idea. A wee baby is expected this fall, so I my just be tatting edgings for socks and bibs.
    Good to know you're healed, and that the tatoos work!

  8. Hi Fox,

    Beautiful socks, Mini boss is a lucky girl.

    Your threads look gorgeous and with your dots I think your tatting is even better.