Thursday, June 2, 2011

For Michelle's Great-Aunt Rose-E

 #20  Motif Challenge

This hankie does not truly reflect my preferences for colour or design and yet I have fallen in love with it!

The edging worked out beautifully and fits perfectly in length.  Sewing it on was effortless.  I could not be more pleased with the result.  Thank you, Michelle.  I hope I have done your aunt proud!


Gina  challenged me yesterday with a DMC vintage pattern.  She asked if clunies could be tatted where there were supposed to be Josephine Knots. Gina, this is a terrific idea.  Thanks.

I was late getting started with my day because I just HAD to begin this little project and I HAD to send Gina an image of the small swatch I managed to tat.  Also,  I was dying to try a few of the beads that came in the package that umintsuru sent to me!

The Package That Was A Complete Surprise!

Jane would say"gob-smacked."  Well, I certainly was when I opened the mail with all the pretty stamps that I have saved for my grandson.  

The note was thoughtful and eloquent, and I am going to enjoy the beads, the tatted bag and especially this wonderful motif tatted by umintsuru.  It is from Angeline's book and was sent for me to enjoy, as "Let's Tat" continues on her world-wide adventure 

This was such an unexpected and generous gesture. Thank you, umintsuru!


The next challenge is a daunting one that sounds so absolutely simple.  In the 7th hankie (I have tatted SIX edgings!) I am determined to pay close attention to the size of the picots.  The picots in the hankie are neither consistent in size nor tension.  This is a weakness that I want to improve in the next project.

I do have a picot gauge, because in the early days I thought that it would be useful.  However,  I  cannot tat with those little wooden pieces!  Just cannot do it.  So, practice I must.

In yesterday's post I featured the threads I was considering, and the pattern is this one:

I find Eléanore to be such a nostalgic and evocative pattern.


  1. I wish that Aunt Rose-E were still here. She would be so tickled at what you've done. She would call it BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL. I know that she would love the community of tatters that we are now on the internet, she always wanted to have more tatters in the world.

    Thank you, Fox. I know she can see it from where she is.

  2. Hi Fox, Today's post is chock full of lovely photos. First your hanky is beautiful. I The motif you tatted for Gina's challenge is so pretty. It looks so pristine. And it was my pleasure to tat for you. I must tell you about the stamps. I picked up all the different stamps from my stash to paste on the envelope before going to the post office and the kind man had to take out his calculator to double check and let me know how much more I owed him. I remembered your grandson loved stamps. Eleanore is going to be exquisite.

  3. very nice Fox, very nice. I think Aunt Rose would be pleased. Wow, what a great package to receive in the mail. as for the picot length. before I ever heard of picot guages, I used to figure out the length of thread that I would need to get the picots the right length, and put 2 small dots on my finger as a "measuring stick" to make them more uniform. I mostly "eyeball" them now, but the dots really helped years ago. you do have to use ink that you can't wash off. I used a permanent marker, then washed my hands well to be sure the ink wouldn't come off on the thread. the dots would be there a couple of days.
    have fun with your new project.

  4. The Hanky turned out lovely and isn't uminsuru a sweety to send you a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So much to look at in this post! (I haven't been able to leave comments for a few days, Google doesn't recognise me....)
    You're right, the hanky is truly beautiful - and I think you have set a trend for beads on hankies!
    Your surprise package is a treat - I do love the way everyone shares their surprises so we can all enjoy them.
    I've never had success with piucot gauges either, but picots are very forgiving, if tweaked a wee bit with one's crochet hook. After all, we are not making machine lace!

  6. Hi Fox,
    Beautiful hanky, love the edging, and wow what a great surprise, I hope you enjoy playing with your new goodies.

  7. Congratulations on finishing the long project!
    You did a lovely work on it, anyone would be proud of it :)

    I love the pattern you have chosen for the next one - which book is it in?

  8. Fox,!, That hanky is absolutely beautiful!! Wonderful work!

  9. Oh, Fox! You are amazing! Aunt Rose-E's hanky looks gorgeous, or should I say BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!

    How clever you are, getting those Clunies in the pattern. I love the touch of blue beads agains the white thread!

    You and Wendy are providing more inspiration than I can handle right now. I really think it's time for school to get out so that I can devote my life to tatting.

    Eleanore is stunning, and I think it will look fabulous on a hanky. It took me quite a while to get used to picot gauges, but now I find I can't live without them. Maybe we should get together this summer to share tatting tips and techniques! ; )

  10. WOW!!! That hanky is so very gorgeous!!! :)

  11. The hanky turned out wonderfully! Love that edging.

    What a great package to receive - snail mail is still exciting :) How very thoughtful to remember the stamps!

    Ladytats idea with dots for measuring sounds like something I have to try - I am forever eyeballing picots. (Unfortunately, my eyes must each have a different opinion.)

    Eleanore is another beautiful choice!

  12. Fox, your hanky is so lovely. You really inspire me. Thanks.

  13. Your comments are wonderful! Thank you, All!

    creativasuculencia, It is from Tatting in Lace. I just love it and cannot wait to begin the new edging. The excitement will wear off soon enough, though! ; )

    Maureen, I KNOW we are not machines and I do like a LITTLE inconsistency, but, honestly, my picots need help! I have always eye-balled them, but I think I am just being stubborn in not giving the gauges a try. Maybe I will have another go...

    Diane, My car died this week and I am wheel-less! Otherwise, you might have seen me rolling up in your driveway tonight!!! Wouldn't it be fun!

    The cluny idea was Gina's idea. I just followed her lead her. : )

    Ladytats, As I emailed you - tattoos on the finger? A great idea, I think. I am sorely tempted!

  14. The hanky is gorgeous. I have to admit - the practical muse in me questioned beads on a hanky but I guess they're just for looks these days anyway. I think I already told you your sample looks great! My post on this particular galoon will be after the hanky giveaway has ended & my granddaughter graduated from high school. Picots...sometimes I use the long end of a steel crochet hook to form a row of picots on. Depends on what you are working on. One of my lace guild members had two dots tatooed on her finger. I am tempted to use the perm maker like Jeanne said. Really, I only use a picot gauge on graduated picots so they will be the same on both sides and even then, they aren't. :-)

  15. Very pretty hanky even though the edging was simple. Good job! And my, you are tatting many hankies! Have fun. I'm really still scratching my head over the numerous edgings to choose from for mine.

  16. Oh my goodness, you'll have to pay attention to both picot size and length of thread between rings! But I know you can do it. It is a lovely pattern.

    How sweet of Wendy to send you such a wonderful package! You are lucky.

    And most of all, congratulations on finishing yet another hanky!!!!!

  17. The hanky is gorgeous, Fox! And lovely surprises in the mail! The cluny challenge looks very good. I have saved some stamps and would be happy to send them to you for your grandson if you'd like. Have a great weekend!

  18. Wow, you're getting lots accomplished Fox! Well done on another hanky. And I love that Eleanore pattern. I made a purple hanky for my mother-in-law with it not long ago. Very nice and relaxing to do a one-shuttle edging. Look forward to seeing it.