Saturday, June 4, 2011

Five Hundred Posts!

I can hardly believe it!  I just saw that number when I was editing something and was really shocked. It seems a real milestone in Tat-land terms for sure.

With thread, I have come full circle since I started blogging. When I learned to tat, I used mainly #80, (what did I know?) then became intimidated reading many comments about how impossible it was, so switched to #20 almost exclusively.

Full circle.  I am once again really enjoying #80, especially this colour:

Happily,  I do not have to worry about running out of this thread, as Randi has generously insisted on sending me an entire ball of it!  Thank you so much, Randi!  I love this colour.

Thank you, Tat-land for helping me come to a decision.

For the hanky:

 I voted for Vivaldi variegated.

My reasoning was that because it is a rather large hanky and most of it is white, except for the rose in the corner, it will look smashing with the colour enclosing it. 

In the meanwhile, the above is a new sock for Mini-Boss.  Sweet!

Still working on the challenge from Gina and enjoying it immensely.  This is such fun to tat.  


Next, I would like to thank a certain very enabling Librarian for my newest purchase.  It is cheap ($5.00) and cheerful and it might just be my newest, very best friend!

This is a tool lace-making tool I ordered from Mielke's Fibre Arts.  Looks like a lovely untatter, Diane.  I shall report on its effectiveness when I receive it.  I know it will get a LOT of use...ahemmm....


  1. 500 posts from you has given 500 days of enjoyment to many tatters around the world - for which we thank you.
    Congratulations - and on to the next 500......

  2. Ah, Maureen! Not nearly as much enjoyment as that which I receive from the wonderful comments posted here...
    ♡ Fox : )

  3. Fox,
    Congrats!! I really, really enjoy reading your posts, comments, and responses. Glad to vicariously know you and hope to keep reading! Your tatting is always wonderful and inspiring.

  4. Lovely to know you too, John! Thank you!
    Fox : )

  5. Congrats Fox on your 500 posts. just looked at mine, since you did and I only have 178 a long way to go to catch you. glad to have you for a tatting, blogging friend, keep up the wonderful work. See you in the blogs.

  6. Hi Fox,

    Congratulations on 500 posts, your hanky edging will look lovely,
    I look forward to reading another 500 posts from you

  7. 500 is a wonderful milestone! Here's to 500 more!

    The sock edging is so pretty. I really like the contrast with the white. When I see your beaded tatting, I get the urge to try beads again... later. ; )

  8. Ladytats, Margaret and Diane,
    Thank you! I feel so very privileged to have such good tatting/blogging buddies!
    Fox : )

  9. Fox, That is a wonderful milestone! I enjoy reading your blogs for you share your experience and growth through your tattings. I wish you 500 plus more wonderful posts with more experience and growth!

    Just Keep on Tatting!

  10. Loads and heaps of congratulations, you have such 'tatting energy!!

  11. Hmm... The UN-Tatter ... the name of a new BLOG?? LOL!! I discovered if I'm watching TV while tatting .. always USED to be able to multi-task .. I haven't SKIPPED a join yet, I just JOIN to the WRONG PICOT!! 500 posts.. and you know I've been through ALL of them in the last few months :-) The edgings are LOVELY - amazed at how EVEN the cluny one is (still afraid to try them)! And I LOVE the new HEADING :-))

  12. 500! Fantastic! Thanks Fox for all the inspiration and knowledge you have shared. I always enjoy reading your blog. 'The Boss' will love those socks with that red edging, I'm sure.

  13. Congratulations! That's a lot of blogging, and a lot of tatting. No wonder you've come so far!

  14. Karrieann, Sally, Sherry, Suztats, Lenhen and Miranda, thank you. My list of blog buddies grows and grows and gives me so much pleasure!
    ♡Fox : )

  15. Congratulations on your 500 posts. I have enjoyed your tatting adventures so very much...thank you. May you continue posting for many many more than 500. Happy tatting...

  16. congrats!!!!!!!! I'm glad that I found your blog :)

    The thread looks beautiful by the way. Talking about the thread brings up a question that I've wondered about. I know that in knitting die lot means a lot. Does it have much of an effect when you tat? I'm sure that it would with hand dyed thread, but does it with the commercial thread? Just curious :)

  17. Thanks, Createology! I love reading your comments.
    : )

    The dye always stays stable in all the commercial threads I have used.

    However, like wool that is dyed, there is a different "feel" to different colours, because of the effect of the colour dye on the cotton. For example, black feels more coarse than white. That is my experience.

    Thanks for all your comments!
    Fox : )

  18. Congratulations on 500 posts, your edging looks lovely,

  19. Carla, Thank you very much! I always love to hear from you and I visit your blog every time you post!
    Fox : )