Saturday, June 25, 2011

Far From The Madding Mail...

I had the thought that I will do just about anything to distract myself from a hankie border.  One wonders why I have been eager to tat so many, if I need the many excuses  I have created over the long months I have been playing with edgings...  Imagine!  A new cat... Hmm.... just a thought.


... a pair for Mini-Boss to be popped in the mail.  THE MAIL!  Oh, Canada, the MAIL!  The strike struggles on and on and on...  Whatever happened to:
 “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”
Ignoring the politics endured by by the union, management, the Crown Corporation, the tired legislature and the locked-out postal workers themselves, I fret about my tatting supplies languishing somewhere between here and there, stranded out there, decorated with pretty foreign postage stamps, stalled in the  striking postal service, held-up somewhere en route.

Ah, selfish, self-centered tatter that I am, I have been fretting over pattern book, fancy shuttle and ball of red thread!

Saw these, whatever they are, on a walk the other day and marvelled at how they reminded me of tatted lace.


  1. Beautiful flowers!! I have been thinking of you and wondered if you have received your tatting book. I guess not. But happy you are busy with Gian and edgings.

  2. I've been fretting over the strike, too! Swaps and cards stuck en route, and orders not placed awaiting a resolution.
    Sweet socks for Mini-Boss.

  3. ..just imagine when the mail finally goes through... it will be like Christmas in a big heap for you, except for them bills.

    The flowers appear to be something similar to Queen Ann Lace... but I agree, it looks lovely and lacy!

  4. I know what you mean about the postal problems!! I am waiting for a large package of thread to get here but I do not think it will ever arrive!!! Things are usually slow getting out here to the boonies (Baltimore). Might have been faster if I walked to the US and got it myself!

  5. Those flowers, whatever they are, are SO pretty!

  6. The postal strike is getting to me too. I've been hoping they get sent back to work for a while now (my workplace is unionized so I understand the issues, but how can a country not have mail service). I've been wanting to order more tatting supplies, and other stuff, but I've been putting it off.

    Your edging is pretty. Hope Mini-Boss likes them.

  7. Mini-Boss will have happy feet in those cute socks! I hope the strike is resolved soon and fairly. It's HORRIBLE that an innocent book, shuttle and ball of red thread have been caught in the middle of this. Are they coming together? Perhaps they are using their time wisely and you will have a tatted surprise when you open the package!
    :) Ann

  8. Hola FOX, como siempre tu "TAT" ¡precioso!. esas calcetas serán la envidia de muchas. Un Beso