Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dyslexic Drama

This is #25 of yet another Motif Challenge.

The pattern is Jon's - one of her snowflakes from the book.  I took liberties with the top rings and changed them into Josephine Knots.  I was afraid I was going to run out of Flora.  Which, of course I did anyway!  Funny how we already know about impending disaster, but live in hope anyway!

Hanky Horrors

A non-tatter would think I was crazy; I mean certifiable, if they knew how many hours I have been working at this.  

A tatter would wonder why I was committed to tatting this after witnessing the HOURS of frustration. The pattern challenges my worst dyslexic weakness and the directional instructions caused me such !   Unable to commit the moves to memory, I repeated the same mistake over and over and over....

Finally, I was able to grasp the problem and managed the repeat.  Once.  After two days of trying! I will attempt this Everest  again today.

  ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ 

As a break from the woes of the above, I am re-tatting the Swedish pattern that was cupping so badly and followed the suggestions et voilà! It is working much better.  Thank you for your help!

  ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ 

I thought I would wrap up with this:  one of Sis's wonderful creations!


  1. Hi Fox,

    Oh boy do I know what you mean, after 40 years I am stuggling with trying to tat with beads, one bead fine two fine try putting three together in one group. I have for now given up. I understand the fustration.
    Lovely motif what a shame you run out of cotton, but your sisters cushion is beautiful really lovely work, thanks for showing it.

  2. Your sister is a gem! What a nice tribute.

    As someone who knit a sweater 4 times but only has one actual sweater to show for it, I can relate to your hanky woes. But you're absolutely right, it will be gorgeous!!

  3. Oh, that hanky will be special, all right! I really love the red thread for that one - and I know it will be beautiful once you overcome that blasted frustration. Size 20 thread does seem too large to make the hanky look delicate.

    Love your sister's quilting :)

  4. Whoo boy, do I understand your frustration.

    Here is the edging pattern that TO SAVE MY LIFE I cannot tat correctly. Quite a popular one from the 1940s: No. 8902 from "Tatting - Book No. 207

    Here is a link that shows all the pages: Tatting - Book No. 207

    Your tests have yielded a perfect thread size in a gorgeous color and a start to an exquisite edging. Just take it in small doses (so you don't lose your mind). We're all plugging for you!

  5. The edging will be spectacular on the hanky! It's funny how bulky size 20 feels once you've used a finer thread.

  6. I have been tatting with quilting thread (what was I thinking!!!) and switched to size 30. Everything looks so big and bulky!!

  7. Would color changes in your instructions help, Fox? I use markers and highlighters to help me with awkward changes in a pattern such as the double rings in this edging or the need to remember which rings will need the large picot for the others to join into. When the instructions are in words, I use a different color highlighter for each of those tricky parts in the instructions. For a visual pattern, I color the ring with the long picot one color and color those two double rings a different color.

    Your start looks so beautiful!

  8. Tatfully Yours... Must be something in the Ontario drinking water... some nefarious plot to drive tatters to drink...

    Eliz, Great idea, and one I often talked about in lectures I have given about organization. However, I have run out of all but yellow - my least favourite. You have prompted me to put coloured markers on my shopping list! Thanks!
    Fox : )

  9. That is going to be the most gorgeous hanky in the world! Imagine how pleased you will be with yourself when it's completed!

    I'm glad you were able to fix your cupping problem. Now I have to go back and read all the suggestions so that I know what to try when that happens to me.

    Your sis's quilt is wonderful. I'm taking an online quilting class now. Am I nuts? Oh, I almost forgot... it's because I want to have a place to mount my tatted motifs and edgings. I repeat... am I nuts?

  10. Waking up late to this one;is the pattern written? - or charted? When I had trouble with a vintage pattern last year, Liyarra advised me to DRAW every step of the process as I read the instructions.That was a marathon for me, it was one of the Benporath designs.
    The advice was good - but took ages! It was like translating a foreign language.
    I absolutely love this hanky!

  11. Thanks, Diane, It would not be happening if it were not for your generosity!
    Crazy? Maybe, but what a great way to showcase your tatting! I hope you have loads of room in your house. Sis has an entire bedroom chock full of material and sewing machine tables and all the STUFF that accompanies that particular art-form. I'll stick to a few shuttles and ball or three of thread, thank you!
    Fox : )

    Maureen, The pattern is from the Japanese book and is charted; it appears to be very simple as a diagram, but I have so much trouble with a directional change and there is one at the beginning of the repeat. Seems that all the rings end up being tatted "wrong/side". Oh dear.

    I will be following Eliz's advice; will get the coloured markers tomorrow for sure - before I attend to my groceries in fact! I DO have priorities.
    Fox : ))