Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What a design challenge! This corner took a lot of time.  I had to try many ways of getting around it with the large repeat and this is what I have arrived at.  Ohhh, it was challenging!

What do you think?  In each corner will be 8 tiny Miyuki Rocailles that I got ages ago from Crazymom that I  have been saving for the perfect project.  This is it!.  She sent me red ones and these green multi-coloured ('variegated' in bead-talk is?) Also, I used three Josephine Knots of 14 ds, which is larger than the regular ones I usually do (12).

Thanks, Crazymom!

I have no idea what happened here. After the edging, one would think I would find this a quite easy tat.  Wrong.

The re-tat has begun.  


  1. The edging is looking great!! But I would hate to think how long this pattern is going to take to be done!!! :)))

  2. The green in the corner is just perfect!!!! You have such a great eye for this. I love the pattern too.

  3. The edging looks lovely and I love your pattern, sorry your motif went a bit cockeyed.

  4. that little bit of green is interesting. i would bead a little leave in that little corner after all the tatting's done. Would you? (Oops, am i handing out another challenge? LOL)

  5. Great corner treatment! Very clever! I love the thread and the beads. I'm guessing you'll finish this edging in no time. ; )

  6. The corner looks nice.

    Remember that putting beads on the core thread will make the chain a little bit longer. You might want to put them on the green thread instead, or else adjust the stitch count. This will probably help it lie better. Otherwise, I don't see any mistakes in the motif, although I can tell you from experience you really have to watch when you make one ring and when you make two.

  7. The beads I sent work great with this! I have some more colors if you would like to try them.

    I miss seeing The Cat in the banner....

  8. CM - Aren't they great! Thanks! Yah, I miss The Cat...
    Fox : (