Sunday, May 1, 2011

Masochism In Miniature

 #7 Motif Challenge

The blue thread thread is Sweet Shop Forget-Me Not.  Tatskool's threads are wonderful. This one is a great blue, but #60 feels like #100 to me - especially after all that Cebelia #20!

I realized something about the Clunies.  I ENJOY making them!  What I do not enjoy is the constant experiment to wrap the thread in the beginning of the process.

§ Thank you, yet again, elisa, for your dynamite patterns!

 The tauter the wrap, the more nicely shaped the tally.  I realized I was not securing it properly (It has only been TWO years, after all!) So, I have had to re-think the wrap.

It is working more to my liking, but I do not have it down pat yet.

The Fourth Finnish Motif 

 #8 Motif Challenge

Again, the picots got scrunched.  I think that Maureen was right: it is the beads that are messing up the original stitch count.  It is a pretty pattern though.

 The variegated thread is another of the Altin Basik #50 samples that I received last week  from Margaret and it is quite pale and delicate, so I matched it with some purple AB that I had in my stash.

I like this pattern, which is from the Finnish book that I downloaded and printed.  There are a lot of lovely motifs at the back of the book, but I have to scan them and blow them up as they are printed very small to get them all in the original book. 

It is tiresome to try and read the Finnish, but I did not realize that all the pattern diagrams are located on the last three pages of the book! I am going to take the time to get those copied - one of these days...  : )


  1. LOL! You didn't see the diagrams? They do help. You managed amazingly well without them. Very impressive!

  2. Hi Fox,

    Many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I think your motif you have done using my thread, Looks very beautiful, If you are doing copies of this wonderful book you have found I would love to see them.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Hey Fox!
    The wrapping of the thread for the clunies..... A hot mess. I don't know that I'd have the patience for that (at least for now). Yours definately turned out very nice!

  4. I LOVE that tiny little cluny heart! I will get around to trying clunies one of these days :)

    Everytime I see something about that Finnish tatting book, I wonder how many tatters are in Finland? I am taking a trip to Helsinki in 2012 - maybe I can meet some tatters or find more wonderful patterns!

  5. Oh, yes! That is *way* too small! And clunies, none the less! Thank you for the tip on making a taut loom - I tend to adjust the tension all the time, and I see the tallies loose shape as I am doing it!

  6. Both motifs are wonderful! I love the light blue thread!!! Your clunies look great too! :)

  7. Gina, Once I figured out that a ring was a 'yä' and a chain was a 'ki' it was a piece of cake!
    ; )) Fox

  8. El corazón miniatura es !HERMOSO! el hilo encantador.

    Fox, tienes todo el libro finlandes completo? o te falta algo?

  9. I love your cluny heart! And the colours in your 4th finish motif, too!

  10. Hi There F. Love the cluny's and the colours you choose.

  11. I can see why the wrap is important to making nice Clunies, but it sure looks painful! After making my first beaded piece, I admire your efforts even more. I've downloaded the Finnish book, but I haven't tried anything yet... why do I have to work? It interferes with/supports my tatting addiction!

  12. Hola, María,
    Yo os he enviado el enlace para descargar el libro. Los diagramas se encuentran en tres páginas en la parte posterior de la publicación! Todo está en este libro.

  13. Diane - There is only one solution. You must quit work immediately and live on much, much less! There is no other way!
    : )) Fox

  14. You're right - the blue thread is beautiful.
    I looked at your cluny wrap with incomprehension! - I couldn't begin to understand that. My one and only cluny was made with the aid of a cardboard loom - and that was hard enough! I kept it to validate the time I had spent on it, but I decided after the experience to let that particular technique go through to the keeper!

  15. Maureen,
    The way I wrap a loom is infinitely easier than using those cardboard looms. Truly.

    Check out anything elisa (linked above) has on her blog (I think she has some videos too) about how to wrap for the tally. Her site has been the way I have learned to tat clunies.
    Fox : )

  16. Your latest motif is so cheerful and pretty!

    Where do I go to download this Finnish tatting tome? Is it only available to members of some guild? If so, where do I sign up? I want to be in the same guild as you and LLLDiane! :-)

  17. Isdihara, Check your e-mail!
    Fox : )