Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Might Be A Blockhead...

 #11 Motif Challenge
Pattern from Kaye B. Judt's Oh My Stars!  
Oh yes. Margaret - this is your thread!  Altin Basak #50
Check This Out!
Mini-Boss is now a ONE Year Old!

(Look at the SOCKS!)


  1. She's got quite a head of hair! The socks are tattingly sweet too.

    You commented on the JK's in my post today. I'm not nearly as fond of them as an embellishment but I do love the little blocks of block tatting! It might just be that I don't like the way JK's are used most of the time. They are very nice...but I haven't seen an application of them that I loved. Oh...I wonder...a picot before and after in green might make it look like a flower! You try it! LOL!

  2. Block tatting, that will be next in the list for me to try. Did it only once before but need to do a few times more before I can feel confident about it.

    You must be very proud of the mini-boss and The Boss and all the grands.

  3. cute socks, tee hee, cute little girl too,.

  4. The star looks so complicated! I love the thread.


  5. Well, now I am going to have to pull out Kaye`s book and give somethings a try! But must finish edging first. I am not good at working on more than one project at one time!! The Boss rocks in her very special socks!!

  6. Block tatting and beads! You're a wonder! I can't believe Mini-Boss is a year old already. Where does the time go? By the way, where did the cute socks come from? ; )

  7. Those socks are so cute and so is Mini-Boss!

  8. Did you get a surprise when you saw the photo? - or was it one you took yourself? This is affirmation for you that not everything you tat is unappreciated!
    I had a similar glowing moment during the week when my 7-yr old grandson came downstairs one night while I was looking after the kids, to show me the tatted snake bookmark I had given him at least 2 years ago - he was so excited, it had fallen down behind a small cupboard and he had just unearthed it. When I was there again two nights ago, I noticed it carefully smoothed out, a bit grubby, and on display amongst all his sporting trophies.
    So now of course, I must make something else for him promptly.
    All very gratifying and I share your joy.

  9. Hi there, Maureen,

    Oh, how perfectly lovely! I seem to recall something about a snake bookmark a few years ago... Am I making that up or did you talk about it somewhere - maybe InTatters? Or here? Sounded familiar.

    I wonder what you shall create this time for Master Seven-Years-Old!

    The socks were a complete surprise. This photo was taken last week and I have not seen Mini-Boss since Christmas, when the kids from New York were here. She was so much smaller then - not even crawling!

    Like you, I am so delighted that I am off to the shops tomorrow to purchase another pair of socks. I shall take them with me to tat in New York, when I visit Mini-Boss and family in ten days time!
    Fox : )

  10. Love your sense of humor, Fox! Love your tatting, too!

  11. Mini Boss looks adorable. Cute socks. Did you do the block tattin in altin basak too? Nice one!

  12. Cute socks on a darling princess of a girl!

  13. Mini boss is so sweet and I love her socks, amazing what you can put tatting on. motif looks beautiful do I know the thread. very well tatted.

  14. All fixed on top, Margaret! The thread is very pretty here, isn't it?
    : ) Fox

  15. Mini Boss is a cute little lady! Congratulations! (And she has lovely socks.)