Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Custom Order For The Boss

Quelle surprise!  Perhaps she will ask for a shuttle of her own?

No sooner had I sewn the final stitch in the T-shirt - which was very difficult to find, for most of the kids' things have stuff all over the front - than Maebh admonished that I had better get some tatting done for her name sake in New York.

"You cannot go empty-handed," she said. "The Boys will not expect tatted goodies, but don't you think that Maeve will be disappointed if you bring nothing for her?"  She raised a  haughty Lep eyebrow at this point, and I must admit I saw the wisdom of her words.  So....

#13 and #14 Motif Challenge

I am very proud of that pink crystal which I added after-the-fact to the border that I am in the process of tatting to go around a summer dress for Mini-Boss.  

It was a real puzzle till I saw that I could tat a small split chain and add  a little white bead at the top, and it would all hang like a heart shape! Yah, ME! : ))

There is a bit left to tat and  I might tat a border in #20 (this is #50 Cebelia) of the same pattern around the bottom of the dress.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my problem tat in the last post, especially Ladytats, who emailed me almost immediately in an attempt to sort out the problem.  I have to try this pattern again very soon.  It was supposed to be the edging for the socks that ended up being another pattern from the same book.

Luckily, I chose another pattern, for as much as I loved the colour combo of the pink and green on the first one, I would have run out of the Olympus thread (pink and green).  I had just a  little left and had been saving the ball as I had no other thread of this type and I love it! I wasted a goodly amount in the three attempts at the first impossible pattern as well.


I have decided to go with the white.  Thank you all for your ideas, but I am happiest with white. 

I have #50 Cebelia, enough for a simple border and... the green Delica beads I bought yesterday...teehee!  

I have never used these beads and I do not have any in my enormous dollar-store cache!  I broke down and bought THREE vials of the little devils.  My will power vanished and I was WEAK, I tell you WEAK!

As for a border pattern, I was considering Forget-Me-Not by Mary Konior, as suggested by Diane, but I am tired of this type of pattern after the socks, which is a similar stitch, so I am still browsing through MK books...


  1. Fox, I should give you the address of my fave bead shop. Weak in the knees is nothing compared to the feeling that overpowers me whenever I enter through the doors. I have 7 ! totes of beads----I'm a beadaholic!
    I think you'll love how these beads look on your tatting compared to the dollar store variety, as there's more shape conformity.
    The pink crystal looks so nice on your tatting. Yay you! And the tatted pink heart on the pink shirt? Perfect!

  2. It's so nice to tat for someone who appreciates it! Split chains... oh, my!

    I considered using Forget-me-not again, but I'm trying out Cottage Border from MK's A Pattern Book of Tatting. I think I may have the pattern, but not the color. I look forward to seeing your choice!

  3. It's all so beautiful but I have got to get me some socks like those! Gorgeous!

  4. great gifts, you do such good work.
    the border sounds great. I am thinking of doing an MK border for my hanky too, most likely Beauty Spots from Tatting with Visual Patterns as it is 1 shuttle work, and I haven't done any 1 shuttle work for quite a while. I was looking at Curds and Whey, but I think that is too dense for the hanky and would overpower it.

  5. Ladytats,
    I LIKE that Beauty Spots! Neat pattern that I have never tatted. I agree it would be good on the hanky. Looks like Siddhartha!

    Will you use one of the variegated threads you showcased, or a single colour?
    Fox : )

  6. Hi Fox,

    Its so nice to do some tatting for someone you really appreicates what you have made.
    I think the forget me not pattern will look lovely on the hanky.
    Have a nice day

  7. You are training a future consumer to appreciate fine needlecraft - and she will remember !
    I love the picture of your next hanky project, all assembled and prepared with thread and delicious little tube of beads - I'm glad you decided to have some green in it.