Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boy Oh Boye!

Yes, that is indeed a Boye shuttle!  Never thought I'd be using one of these, but you know what? It is very pleasant to tat with!  It came from that quaint shop in New York. I bought two of them because I had run out of shuttles.  I like it! I am almost tempted to purchase some of those pretty colourful ones...

The pattern is another story:
(Thanks for sending it to me, Wendy! This is one of Angeline's.
I concentrated on Umi's health as I tatted it.)

Finally success! These are tatted in the DMC Perle, which I like a lot.  Funny, eh?  Boye shuttles and Perle thread.  Who would have thought?

#18 Motif Challenge 

It is embarrassing to admit how many of these I had to tat before I got it right, but I finally realized I was making it a lot harder than it had to be!  Sort of like what is going on as learn how to use my new computer!

What a learning curve. I have spent hours and hours playing around and getting to know this outstanding piece of technology.  I love computers ALMOST as much as I love tatting!

Speaking of tatting,, I am absolutely THRILLED with this:

This is my brand new tatting case. Notice the butterfly (the wings stand up when I sewed it  to the case.  It is Kelly's work, tatted with finesse and adorned with little black beads)  It is just one of the goodies that she sent to me in  large envelope that I discovered in the mail when I arrived home. I could not imagine what this wonderful lady was up to...  Then I opened the package and just LOOK:

I was really bowled over by all of these tatting treasures.  There was a very sweet letter. There are buttons, hearts, fancy beads and findings and two bags of seed beads, one teal and one gold - enough to tat a border for a king-size bed.  Not that I will ever be tempted to do that!

The best are the hankies.  One is new and very pretty and delicate.  I like it a lot.  

However, la pièce de résistance is the other hankie... It belonged to a war bride who came to Canada from Ireland over 60 years ago. It is a fine Irish linen embellished with gorgeous cutwork in the center and embroidered edges.  So lovely.

Just wanted you to get another view of the 'before and after' effect of the case.  The fabric comes from an interior decorator's  discontinued fabric sample.  Kelly's friend has been stitching the little bags from the samples.  Great idea.

Thank you Kelly.  I do not know why I deserved such a gift!  But, I'm keeping it!  : ))

Lastly, my meager Big Apple tatting offering:

*** Please note the change of email address on my profile - especially any of you who are asking  to be added to the Angeline List.


  1. I don't think you'll like the "new" Boye shuttles quite as much - not the same sturdiness, and a few rough edges, perhaps the plastic is a different grade.So look after the one you have!
    If you ever come across Finca perle, especially size 12, buy some of that. It's firmer than DMC and the colours are stunning.Great for your hankies.
    Clunies in New York! - Clunies in a Coffeeshop in the City, perhaps?........

  2. I did want to be added to the angeline list, I can't find your profile page, and I think I have the old email addy, my email is brinbri at email dot com please write to me and let me know if you would add me to the end of the list and I can add your new email to mine at the same time :)

    grats on the pretty tatting :) it looks really good :X

  3. Nice to see you back- that tatting case is gorgeous!

    Nice computer! I have the same one and love it (except yesterday).

    Will you tell me what the gadget is that you have for translating? I can't find that one!

  4. You are very welcome!! Hope you enjoy all the goodies and I cann`t wait to see what you come up with for the hankies!!

  5. I couldn't find an email address in your current profile, but if you are still accepting names for the Angeline List, I would LOVE to be added. I've enjoyed seeing the work and reading the comments of the tatters who have already received the book.

  6. What a great motif! I love the variegated green best! :)

  7. HI Fox, I bet you had a great time in NYC and what a wonderful way to be greeted home.

    I too would like to find the translate gadget. I had looked for it.

  8. OMGoodness, don’t BUY any, I have them running out my ears as I bought 2 pks of them by accident. Too much of a hurry that day! aghhhh
    I wanted to send you some threads when I get around to it...will send. I’ll let you know when I mail pkg. I’m pretty slow sometimes. xxxx bj

  9. Bree,
    You are already on the list, after Miranda! Have a look - click on the Angeline banner on this page and go to the list.

    I am so glad you told me that. Diane (I think it was Diane) also said that the new ones were flimsy and not as good as the old ones. I still would be interested in trying them! ; ))

    Fox : )