Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful Banashek

 #17 Motif Challenge

I love the curves.  This leans toward the onion dome shape that I adore. This pattern is from one of Judi Banashek's books and she designed it in 1997.

I have spent some time - too much in fact - trying to figure out this border, having  realized that I was reversing the first chain when the pattern does not call for this.  That accounts for the directional problem.

But there is also the matter of "catching" the bare thread at the back of the work, at the end of a chain, as you complete the final join of the four rings. That final join is the tricky twisty one...  I have not perfected that move as you can see. I can do the join fine on it's own, but adding in that extra move - nothing doing!.

Much as I do like the look of this, it seems like a lot of work for a border and it would be waaay to slow going for someone of my experience.  I think I have given it a good try and will now bid it adiew, at least for the time being.

I may have soured on the pattern for another teeny little reason...

I will not be posting next week as I will be visiting my kids.  
Maebh said she needed a break.


  1. The onion domes are beautiful!!!

    I hope you aren't seriously hurt-that ointment looks tough.

    Have a lovely and safe trip!

  2. Are they really really discontinuing the whole brand?? :(

  3. Pretty motif; I love the colours. According to Handy Hands, it's Flora 50 that's discontinued. Flora 10 and 20 are still available (for now anyway). It is a nice thread to work with. Flora was the first thread I could get in colours (other than white and black) in size 20.

  4. BTW - Handy Hands has some of the blue variegated flora still

    Have fun in NYC!

  5. Sorry, Guys! I was just repeating a rumour... My knee-jerk reaction kicked in.

    I amended the post. Than you Jeff!
    Fox : )

  6. It's funny how people get so upset over a discontinued thread, although, I am a little unnerved myself. I fear that when one or two go, more will follow.
    I really like that flower pattern! Flowery motif, more like. Motifs are so fun!
    I'm a little curious about the shuttle injury. Just like dogs, they don't usually strike, but when they do, they can draw blood! ;D

  7. Lovely motif - beautiful tatting! Take care and have fun on your visit - come back safe!

  8. I love that motif too. I think I got around to tatting it once. Every time I see it I want to tat it again. It's that dome shape...

  9. have a wonderful trip and time with your kids and grandkids.

    See you when you get back.

  10. Owwwie, those points can hurt! Sew Mates are worse, they have razor sharp points. I filed one down a little, but now I can't do joins with it.

    Enjoy your trip!

  11. Hi Fox,

    Beauitful motif, lovely pattern, I have heard of this book as the patterns you are using are really lovely.
    I hope you were not too badly hurt, I just wont use those shuttles, hope you injury heals quickly.
    Have a lovely week and hope ot hear all about it when you come back,

  12. Beautiful motif! I also lie the thread colours. I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful visit with your kids.

  13. Looks like the rumours about Flora are true after all. Handy Hands seems to have updated their thread page to mention Flora 10 and 20 being discontinued.