Sunday, April 10, 2011

Subversive Tatting

I thought this was a rather innovative way to inform people about tatting, plus I had a lovely piece of border that I had to cut out.

Since the book is one that not many men would pick up at the library,  (Anita Shreve is the author) and in general, women are more likely to find tatting of interest than are men, I thought the choice of book was appropriate.  I would not have put the tatting in a spy thriller. But, that's just me!

I just know someone out there will  grit her teeth and waggle a finger, thinking how awful I am for desecrating a library book. 

However, if I found something like this in a book, I would be curious; if I knew nothing about the subject piece, I would go straight to Google.

I do hope someone like me finds her/his way to  Tat-Land from my nefarious gesture.

Such a ingloriously bold way to promote my own blog!


PattyD over at InTatters wrote about this vintage book:

It is in written in Finnish, but that will never hold a non-Finnish tatter back! It is a lovely publication.

I liked this pattern a lot and tatted it last night using The Valdani thread that sis sent me, doubled.

These colours never were my favourites before, but I am more and more enamoured with yellow, orange and green combos. There is a whole new palette out there for me to play with. 

The pattern drove me crazy, but, once again , it was way too late and I had to un-tat as much as tat. Not the fault of the pattern - not matter what the language!

***An afterthought:  I tried to learned the Catherine Wheel join in this piece that I saw beautifully explained by Yarnplayer, here.  Thank you so much, Marilee!  

It took till the last join to figure out which thread to pull to make that first loop part of the join that pops through! What a terrific technique that is! 

I have to try this pattern again as the count is all wrong throughout and the CW  still boggles...

Border Update:

My niece has a good eye and is such a perfectionist herself, she probably will notice the beads.  That is why I am tatting this for her! She is very particular and discriminating the about the needle arts. Unfortunately, she will, in all likelihood,  find any errors as well.  The good with the bad.... right?

*By the way, to be clear, the corner pink  beads are very much intended!  It is just that they sort of disappear into the design.


Obviously I have spent far too much time with my camera, the books and posting pictures to do much on the border.  But, (Maureen, notice the math, please!) I do have less than two sides left!  Yipee!

I leave you with this today:  The Boss is growing up fast!


  1. Wowie-zowie! Now, why didn't I think of sneaking snippets of tatting into library books? What a clever (if nefarious) idea!

    LibraryGal (or Guy) -- if you are reading, I congratulate you. And thank you for peeking into Tat Land to see what this lace thing is all about.

    Mini-Boss is getting so BIG!

  2. As a school librarian, I have seen far worse desecration of books. I'm willing to overlook this "nefarious" act because it is bound to send someone venturing into Tat-land!

    I have also downloaded that book, but I haven't printed it out yet. I have so many books, I think this one will go on the back burner until school gets out for the summer. I never would have chosen the colors you're using, but I find them very appealing!

    My mom always says, if someone looks that closely, they deserve to see what's there! I'm sure your niece will enjoy the hanky despite what you perceive as imperfections. Here I thought they were design elements!

    I love your picture of The Boss! They grow up so quickly!

  3. And here I thought Diane would be shocked and appalled! (Hey, Diane, I know where she lives, in case you change your mind!)

    I have thought of leaving tatted bookmarks in library books with an explanatory post-it note, but never gotten around to it. I never would have thought of writing directly in the book, but your way is much more permanent. It will still be there after someone inevitably removes the tatting.

    There's something about the colors in the Valdani that gives it an interesting depth. At first glance, I thought the motif had intertwining layers; I had to look at the black and white photo to realize it didn't.

  4. I love that motif. Is this a book in the antique pattern library?

    I'm not one to mark in books myself - early programming. I do write in my own from time to time, to clarify an instruction but it's for me only. I like inscriptions in the front of a book but usually find other notes within the pages a distraction. Others will love it so always do what feels good to you as you will never please everyone!

  5. What a cute motif!
    And still a gorgeous border!!! :)

  6. Oooh! That's a little piece of "my" Iris going away in that library book? If it inspires anybody to pick up a shuttle, it'll be a great thing!

  7. Your Boss must be 3.....mine loves balancing books on her head too!
    "Two beans a bean and a half half a bean and ONE bean" - that's the maths I grew up with, courtsey of a crusty old great uncle. Calculus and trigonometry sailed off into the atmosphere without passing GO on it's way through my head - but addition at the supermarket is my forte to this day.
    Tat-bombing - great idea, we have our meetings in a library each month, perhaps it would generate more interest. Last time there was a bit of publicity about the group, we had 8 new people turn up!

  8. Thanks, Everyone!

    I was a bit nervous, you know, up about admitting to defacing the book! Glad you mostly approve! I might keep doing it... : ))

    Maureen, The Boss is actually four and a half, but a tiny tyke!

    Gina, The link does not work, but go to InTatters and on the Forum page you will see PattyD's comments about the books.

    Fox : )

  9. Hi Fox,
    Lovely motif, like the colours you used, I see the edging is getting there. The boss looks a handful will she be learning tatting in years to come, it will be nice to find the next generation keeping tatting going. I am sure you have found a new way of promoting our craft. I hope the libary does not find out before anyone reads the book.