Monday, April 4, 2011

Never Tat 'Til Two...A.M.

Not a good idea.
I thought I would finish the ring motif... lots of blunders there...

My son ran into an old friend of mine, who, a decade ago,  taught me everything I know about colour.  I took a three month colour course she taught, and have never looked at the colour spectrum the same way again.

Anyway, I have not seen Stephanie in years and my son  gave me her greetings and her card.  So, in preparation of a good chin-wag, I thought I would give her my latest experiment, which just needed a bit more tatting to be complete 

Obviously, it was too late to tat.  The last row is all wrong, but I did not see that till this morning.  Strangely, I still like it and will probably give it to her anyway, as it has character!

(Is this a BAD thing to do? Tatting justification?)

All weekend I puttered around with edgings, because I must be a glutton for punishment. I thought I would make another border on one of my mom's hankies (there are a few left) for my niece, who adores pink.

She has done some amazing cross-stitch, and knows all about the patience and hours required to produce something pretty!

 I tried a bunch of things and nothing gelled:

I really like the border I saw on Nancy's blog, here. It is Clover, one of Mary Konior's more challenging patterns (for dyslexic moi) so, with all the beads and colour,  I thought I'd take a pass. It sure is sweet though.

Then I remembered Frivole's "Iris", which I was planning to tat before. This hanky is small and plain, except for some cutwork and hardanger, so this should work.

#19  Motif Challenge
Tatting the border might take forever, as that little snippet took a LONG time.  Mind you, I always start out very slowly, till I am used to the pattern and find a rhythm.  Also, there is a bit of a struggle when the directions change. That always throws me for a lengthy loop!

Forgot the thread info: My friend Suneeti sent me this thread - Altin Basak #50.


  1. Once again you have chosen a stunning lace to accent your neice's handkerchief. Love the beads!

  2. Your tatting ring looks wonderful both for the beads and for the colours.

  3. I love your ring motif! And that pink hanky edging is so beautiful!!! :)

  4. Nice to see all your snippets Fox! I like the pink and green, that's pretty too. What size is your pink Iris? You are very patient, with adding beads as well! I shall be following your progress. The last one you made, you seem to finish really quickly.

  5. I like your tatting ring, and I'm amazed that you can tat at 2 a.m.! It is a dilemma, trying to find the right edging for a hanky... there are just way too many beautiful designs and colors from which to choose. By the way, I think you've chosen well!

  6. Thanks for the supportive comments, Everyone! I can't believe I am heading into another hankie marathon.

    It is going to be boring at tat-ology for a while as this one takes time!

    Frivole, thanks for reminding me to add the info about thread: Altin Basak #50. : )


  7. Isn't it WONDERFUL when our "goofs" turn out GREAT! The Ring Motif is like a breath of fresh air and the pink edging is absolutely delightful, like a chorus of dancing dolls or angels! Your friend and niece will be thrilled at receiving such keepsakes :-) ~Tatikan

  8. I am intrigued by the thought of a three-MONTH course in colour! - since I possess no artistic bones of my own, naturally - all I can remember from school is a blurry sort of colour wheel, and having to paint a watermelon...... was it a very technical course?
    "I don't know anything about colour, but I know what I like..." - and I like the iris edging with your trademark beads!

  9. El anillo quedo muy lindo. Y la puntilla s mi me encants los colores rosa, verde y con las cuentas wuedara preciosa como todos tus trabajos.

  10. I don't recommend staying up until 2 am for anything :) Bad things always result for me. Your ring still looks beautiful!!!! Love the edging as well.

  11. I love the edging you decided on! It is pretty easy to get started on a project and look up at the clock and see how late it's gotten. :-)

  12. I have no idea how you managed to tat until 2am I would have fallen alseep long before then. Lovely motif in lovely colours. Your hanky edging is going to look beautiful

  13. Yeah, tell me about it. I've long since learned not to try to tat after I get off my 12-hour shift, no matter how much I want to. For me, it will simply be a waste of time and thread. The ring motif turned out OK, though. I had to look a couple of times to see the problem (but then, I did just get off one of those 12-hour shifts, so I'm not entirely reliable right now).

    PS- my verification word is "phsqu". That pretty much sums up how last night at work affected me!

    I like the edging you've chosen. I think the simplicity of working in a single solid color will go well with the intricacy of the design. With such a simply decorated hanky, too many colors could easily become overpowering, so you made a good choice with the color, too.

  14. beautiful tatting - I enjoy bright + cheerful colorways.

    Never tat till two? Oh my, that is when I am at my best ; )

    Always, L.