Monday, April 11, 2011

Finnish Finished

The Finnish book has some really pretty, small, doable motifs in it.  I am glad that I had it printed up and am going to tat another one as a  break from... the border!

I am getting the hang of the Catherine Wheel join. 
 Here is the improved second attempt:

#20 Motif Challenge

*  Later:  I did NOT have the hang of the Catherine Wheel at all!  I was doing it wrongly the whole time.  After watching the video about five times,  NOW, I think I understand!  I suppose I'll have another go at the motif.... sigh....


  1. yay! I got one of these done & it's even done blocking plus another half done, lots of beads. But I didn't use a split ring to climb out because I started in the wrong place the first time and the 2nd time I was using 2 colors with beads and even a SSSR wouldn't work. Thanks for the link! I don't visit any of the online groups much these days. No time!

  2. Very pretty, Fox! Clever post title too. You have a way with words.

  3. Lovely piece of tatting and I like the colour.

  4. Love the thread colours, Fox, and the motif looks great!

  5. Well, it's sort of hard to tell from the photo if the CWJ is "working" for you. The reason for choosing to use a CWJ is when (for design reasons) you want to keep a smooth, unbroken curve in a chain with the core thread still sliding inside the join (instead of locking the stitches as in a Lock join).

    Actually, a plain old normal join (as when joining a ring to another) will work as far as the core sliding goes, but it makes a dip or slope in the curve of a chain. So, I was happy when Bina told me about the CWJ because it was exactly what I needed for certain designs.

    For counting, usually I count the completed CWJ the same way I count a normal join - as the first double stitch in the next part of the pattern. For some patterns I don't count it, but in my own patterns I will say if it is counted or not.

    Hope this helps :-)

  6. Hi, Marilee!
    This one did NOT work, but I finally got it the next time - next post.

    I knew I didn't really need the join in this particular design, but it was a good opportunity to practice it. Great technique. Your video rocks!

    I also count the join as the first ds.

    Thank you for your observations. Much appreciated!
    Fox : )