Friday, April 15, 2011

Crossed Communications

 Some time ago, I received mail from Sally of Tat's Heaven in response to a question I had about the wood that my Pop-A-Bobbin is  made from. She was very kind to respond sending me a tatted cross and a printed card about the wood.

When I went to dine with my aunt, whose name is also Sali,  I took the cross and printed card  with me, knowing we would be dining my aunt's friend, a Christian lady, who is particularly interested in all things relating to her religion .

When I showed the women Sally's things, an unexpected event occurred!
Sally, I hope you do not mind if I share my e-mail to you. I have been meaning to tell the tale, as I would like it to be recorded in the next blog book. (I am clearing out all my old e-mail messages.)

Hi, Sally
Something funny happened last evening that I though I would share with you.
I was dining with two old dears of 95, at the retirement residence where they both live.  One of these women, Sali,  is my very close friend and she also happens to be my Aunt.
 The other woman is a friend of hers who was feeling very blue, so my Aunt invited her to dine with us. Sali had asked my to bring the Piecework magazine with my tatting sample in it and some pieces of tatting to show her friend Jean. 
She thought that Jean would enjoy my babbling about Tat-land, as she is a craft person and has tatted in the past.
So, I packed up some stuff and at the last moment I grabbed the note you had sent me, tatted cross attached, that has been sitting on my desk since I received it.
At dinner, we talked about knitting and crafts and tatting and I hauled out all my things.  I had prepared two little packages for the ladies - little, beaded hearts.  Right after I presented these to them, I pointed out your card.
Telling them that you were a Parish Administrator and a Reader in the Church of England, I explained about the shuttles and the old wood and so forth.
All of a sudden Jean became very animated and exclaimed, " In Winchester Cathedral? My middle mane is Winchester!"  She proceeded to take the cross and attached it around her necklace, saying how much she loved it and appreciated it!  Next thing, she had bolted from our table and was dining out with your lovely tatted design, throughout the very crowded dining room!  My Aunt and I were speechless! 
Needless to say, we could not inform her of her error, so your little cross has a new home and a very enthusiastic, and also very devout owner! 

The two crosses you see are the replacements for the one that Jean has, which is a pretty yellow and black twisted thread. Sally must have mailed these immediately, as I believe I received them with five days of sending that e-mail across the Pond!


  1. What a great story! I love hearing things like that!

    I've been meaning to tell you how very MUCH I like your current header...

  2. Great story! I can just imagine how shocking it must have been to have such a thing happen! The tatted crosses are lovely :)

  3. What a fabulous story and a treasured memory :)

  4. Those are awesome crosses! What a sweet story! :)

  5. Lovely to hear the story again Fox. I am actually going to be the Bishop of Winchester's chaplain this Sunday evening when he comes to one of our churches for a confirmation service.
    Never seen the idea of a blog book before you mentioned it, what a great way of recording all your entries, something to treasure for future generations.

  6. That is a wonderful story, and the crosses are beautiful!

  7. I can imagine the sinking feeling you must have experienced when the cross was whisked away! - but I think it has gone to exactly the right person, and it's a most beautiful story.
    Sally, Sally, that's a Benedict cross! - when you come back to Fox's blog can I beg for the pattern - please? I don't remember seeing it anywhere, and I have a particular atachment to the saint.

  8. Nice story, Fox, and what lovely crosses. Love the title!

  9. Maureen it is Jane's pattern, one of the perks of being her sister, you will have to sweet talk her for it!

  10. Thank you for sharing your little story, lovely crosses, I have posted a small letter to you I hope the airmail gets to you before Easter.