Thursday, April 14, 2011

Courageous Colour

 Well, I am not "finnished" with the book just yet!  
Here is another rendition of the motif, this time adorned with beads:

 #21 Motif Challenge

I did wonder when I started this motif at my choice of colour.  I had promised myself that I would be adventureous with my palette, but these colours were an odd pick.  Then I noticed my new shuttle from LaCossette:

The choice now makes perfect sense!



I forgot that I had ordered a book from Blog2Print, and was puzzled when I received a large  parcel in the mail yesterday.

It was a yellow (notice  my new addiction shows up everywhere!) coloured Blog to Print book, containing  my tat-ology posts from November 2010 till March 2011.  I am so happy that it has my old header on the cover.

Now I am up to date in my blog archive.  I find these books to be an invaluable aid, as I check them a lot when I can't remember something about a pattern I have tatted, It is faster and easier to flip through the pages than to hunt and peck for it on-line.

No, I am not paid to tell you about this!  I love my blog, and have a wonderful printed replica of all  my posts, an entire blog history.  Just wanted to share it with anyone who wants the same.  : )


  1. your shuttle is wonderfull, your work is very successful !very nice

  2. I plan to do this with my blog too but am a little worried about the cost. It will take SEVERAL volumes to cover it all! But it will be my own personal treasure/journal. More than concern over cost, I'm wondering when I will have time to edit those early entries because they do need editing - adding in photos that have expired where they were originally hosted, etc.

  3. Thanks!

    Gina, I changed nothing as it does get more expensive. Also - no comments. Just the posts in order. The format just goes along - not art -directed, so there could be a title on the bottom of a page, followed by the rest at the top of the other.

    You can go to the site and put your entire blog up to see it. Try it! No obligation, and you will see how it looks.

    I just wanted a record and this method works for me.

    You would have to do the editing on your blog first and then order. Is it really necessary to change anything? You could just have a copy as it stands now, in its original state - for your own records.
    Fox : )

  4. What a lovely idea to have your blog changed into a book. something you will never lose.
    Your shuttle is lovely as is your motif.

  5. What a wonderful idea. I was wondering though on your book, did you have it printed compact so they moved pictures around to fit the pages best or did you do snapshot so the pictures stayed how your blog was set up? I did a preview of compact and I didn't like how it moved pictures from the corresponding description.

  6. Love the motif!!! I have the same shuttle and love it!!!

  7. tattabugg, You have very good taste! Great shuttles, aren't they?

    Carol, I have had it printed both ways.

    The first two were ordered with no arranging as it was the cheaper way to go. Because the first one was so large, I went with the less expensive choice.

    I re-ordered the second thinner book, forgetting all about this issue. It was also printed in the compact arrangement.

    Now, I know to keep the cost down I will order every four months or so, and have the book printed the more expensive way But, because I will order fewer pages, I will not notice the increase in cost! Ah, handling the cash flow...

    It does look better with the snapshot method, but is still not as good as if I had done the layout my own way!
    ♥ Fox : )