Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pressing On

#20 Soft Pansy HDT by Yarnplayer
 Well, it's done. I have to say I liked it before this round was added,  perhaps because the variegated thread makes it too busy-looking, or maybe I am just not keen on the bare thread joins.  Whatever it is, this is not my favourite pattern.

However, I do love the first round.  Might even do that part again in a completely different colour - maybe adding beads instead of variegated thread...

There was another new technique for me in the second round. Where there are two rings, one on top of another, you are instructed to wrap the thread around the middle of the two rings before moving on to the next ring.  So, I learned two new things in the course of this pattern.  Not bad! I hope I did it correctly!

 It got finished at a coffee shop after work, having been carried there in The Press.  Ann's brilliant tatting idea now travels extensively!


  1. I agree that the motif looks a bit busy in the variegated thread, but I still like it a lot! I'm not a fan of bare thread just hanging out there, but the bare threads seem to get lost in the variegation... an advantage maybe? What about some beads on those bare threads?

    My tatting press is coming in very handy as well. Every once in a while, I sit in my chair wondering what little gem I could create for tatters around the world. Alas, I always draw a blank. Thank goodness there are so many creative people in the world, willing to share their talent!

  2. Love it Fox.
    What about using a neutral solid color around the outside and filling in the bare thread with stitches instead???
    But I think it looks great the way it is!

  3. I think it is a lovely piece of work. Maybe beads in the bare ends, but I like it this way too. It is a special piece, with those techniques I have never seen before.
    Be proud of it Fox, you did it again!

  4. I see what you mean, but I do like it.

    I especially like 'The Lello' in it *chuckle

  5. Its looks lovely and yes you did the new stitch correct, I dont think it looks busy the thread makes it look different from a plain thread.
    well done

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments! It is a different kind of design, isn't it?

    Margaret, Thank you for telling me if i did that stitch correctly. I have never seen that wrap around done before, so I completed the stitch in a way that seemed most intuitive to me! I am glad it worked.
    Fox : )

  7. I think the colors are very pretty. Variegated thread is rather the luck of the draw but you did a fantastic job!

  8. I was so bedazzled by this design and the thread color that I did not even see the bare threads! I actually love the outer round - a very regal design - and can see this motif on the top of a velvet jewelry box - or on a sachet holder like the one Gina just made.

    Thanks for introducing us to so many tatting techniques and patterns we would otherwise be unlikely to see.
    I never would have realized how interesting the mock picot thrown-off rings could fool the eye, so to speak, and provide design possibilities.

    I'm not seeing any tatting history information about Ms. Fujito on the internet. Is there a profile of her in any of her books? I'd also be interested in the hisotry of tatting in Japan. How far back does it go there? Just wondering!

  9. El hilo me parece hermoso, pero no luce en ese patrón, para mi en color solido es más bello y la primera ronda con anillos de cebolla muy fuerte en contraste con la segunda ronda de una sola naveta. grueso-delgado. Yo se que tu puedes hacerlo mejor si lo rediseñas.

  10. I love it and the colour as well! and that Tatting press must be a real handy to put your tatting in.

  11. This is beautiful, Fox! I do love the thread you've used....a wee touch of spring colours.

  12. Hi Fox!
    I think it is LOVELY! The variegated and solid threads are well balanced, I love the double rings on the first round and I must say I RAWWWTHER (like Eloise) like the bare threads. They do their job of keeping elements in place and getting from here to there while looking WONDERFULLY delicate!

    SO happy the press had a part in making that pretty motif!

    :) Ann

  13. Hi, Kathy,
    I know nothing about the history of tatting in Japan - but there is probably lots on-line, hiding away but for research.

    As far as Teiko Fujito is concerned, there is only a short bibliography at the back of my book.

    She was born in Japan in 1936 and has completed three tatting books, the last one being in 1995. Perhaps she has published another, but it is not shown here.

    That's all I can tell you!
    Fox : )