Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plodding On

I am easily bored.

So, the border is becoming most tiresome.  So, I am trying to do a few repeats whenever I get the can, to finish it as soon as I can.  So,  know I shall be happy with it when it is all done, but it is really crazy-making boredom at the moment.  So... so.... so...

Oh, yah, and I have to SEW it on the hanky.  Hmmm.  Something to look forward to, after I crochet the thread edging...

So, someone is grumpy today...

But, I do have something to show you - the OTHER tatting I am doing.  I am REALLY enjoying this one!

Another thing:   whenever I have to take a lot of tatting stuff with me, and the tatting-press is just not holding it all together, I really appreciate the case that I received months ago from Typstatting.  Isn't it just great?

Look at all those little pockets - they are stiffened with some kind of insert, so the whole thing holds its shape. This is a neato tatting case.  Thank, M!


  1. I get bored with repetition too. So I'm knitting a slipper, a new pattern, and fun so far, but....I have to do a second one after the first one is done. It's never as much fun as the first one! (like mittens and socks and sleeves and tableclothes with the same motif over and over and over and over)

  2. I too, get bored with repetition... and that might be why I have WIPS!

    Well Ms. Grumpy - I love how the border is coming along and I really love the new motif you're working on.


  3. I LOVE repetition!

    That tatting tote is divine! I need one for sure.

  4. Think how good for your character this is! - and the time will pass anyway, whether you have a completed edging to show for it at the end, or not;might as well plod on.
    What's the thing they always say about how you eat an elephant? - one teaspoon at a time.
    I love the colours in the back-up project.

  5. I am so glad that you like the Tatting Tote and you are going well with the edging! I think we all get bored with repetition as well! Love the new motif and colour!

  6. I find I make more mistakes with repetition... go figure! I tried sewing an edging on after tatting a couple of times. Now I attach my tatting as I go. One less step makes me very happy.

    Your tote is very nice! I'm afraid if I had that many hiding places my WIPs could become lost forever... out of sight, out of mind!

  7. That tote is fantastic!

    I'm back in school for a masters and luckily all my teachers have been ok with me tatting during class so I save repetitive patterns fol class time. It actually helps me concentrate. If I don't have something for my hands to do my mind wanders too much.

  8. Your edging looks so elegant! And I can totally understand the boredom thing and that's why I have so many things in progress.
    I love the other tatting and can't wait to see the finished project!
    And what a neat travel tote. :)

  9. Repetition means I can tat away while watching a movie. It means I don't have to concentrate too much on what I'm making.
    The new motif looks very interesting.

  10. When you become bored with the repetition, it means that your brain knows the pattern well enough that it needs something else to do while your hands are working. Easy solution: watch a movie while tatting. You'll be amazed at how much you can get done!

  11. I don't get bored with repetition, but I am really impatient. I can't understand, why things aren't done in the minute.

    Lovely edging, the other motif is fabulous and your tatting case is so nice. I have to do one for me:-)

  12. I hate things going on and on, your edging looks lovely so far keep up the good work. Your mofit looks great as well.

  13. I love your color choice for the motif!! Please tell me how your 'crochet' attach the edge. I really want to learn a more intricate way to attach rather than the stitch I've been using. I believe a crochet method would be more asthetically pleasing....anywho...wonderful work!!

  14. Don't give up, Fox. Know it is hard to do so many repetitions, but you'll see, when the hanky is ready you'll have a gorgeous, unique piece of art!

  15. Wow! I LOVE all the comments on this post! Thank you, All.

    Gina, Taking a break with knitting is my idea of inviting depression! Glad it works for you, but ooh , not for me!

    Maureen, I have never heard that one! Very funny! And unfortunately, this border is doing NOTHING for my character - but I will continue anyway! Loved the comment.

    Diane, I find that there is too much material going on in my hands when I attach as I go. I am too clumsy I think.

    Jessica, Tatting and academia? I couldn't tat in class, but it sounds as if it is working very well for you!

    Miranda and Suztats,
    I often watch a movie. Last night I saw 'Social Networking,' which was a challenging movie to watch, listen and tat to all at the same time, as it demanded concentration. I listen to audio-books all the time and really love doing that when I tat.

    Springer-Orsi, You have a point. Like you, I believe I am not so much bored as impatient. Very good distinction noted!

    By crocheting, I mean that I edge the hankie with a chain in a fine thread with a VERY SMALL hook - as it has to go through the fine linen - and then I sew the edging to the crocheted edge - or I could pick up the picots in the crocheted edge and do it all in one step, which is what I shall try first.

    If that doesn't work, I will have to sew it to the chain stitch.

    Thanks, again,
    Fox : )

  16. The blue and brown is so pretty - I encourage you to embrace the sewing part. I find it very rewarding!

  17. Deborah, I will keep an open mind - as well as a few bandages on hand...
    Fox : )