Monday, February 28, 2011

Dagger Heart and Lobster Clasp

Half the medical procedures are done for the day... Next up, in a few hours, the second half: the cracked tooth meets Bill the Dentist. Yuck!

While waiting for the next lovely Monday Afternoon Appointment, I finished this up, using a small ball of red thread whose vitals I know not.  Bev, was very kind to send it to me.

#6 Motif Challenge

I love the shape of it and very nearly gave it to my Doc this a.m., as it seemed to slightly symbolize the medical profession - not really quite a caduceus , but something mildly close!

The Doc is European, so I thought or assumed that she might like tatting.  Who knows. It wasn't quite finished.  Maybe next time...

Thanks, Vicki, this pattern is definitely a keeper!  I can see it done in many different threads.

 Abigail. "The Boss", loves her new bracelet.

Remember this? Well, I decided it would make a cute ankle bracelet for The Boss.  Unfortunately, I do not have a stash of findings, a situation I am going to remedy soon.  So, I was left with one option - the lobster clasp in bronze - and it is a bit bulky.  
But, it does work, and the littlel Miss is thrilled with her new jewellery.

Slowly but surely the hankie edging is GROWING!  It is going to be real purty!


  1. I'll bet the lobster clasp ios easier for her little hands to squeeze though. Lovely!

  2. I like the beads at the bottom but I had to look up the caduceus. It just needs some wings! I like the beads added on the tip. Were the instructions okay?

  3. Good luck with Bill! I woke up today spitting stitches from my dental procedure 2 weeks ago.

    love the bracelet & the dagger heart...

  4. Sorry, one more quick question...what program did you use for the drawing on abigail and maeve?

  5. I'm really intrigued by that dagger heart. It's on my list! And now you're making bracelets. I'd better never tell my granddaughters about what you make... I'll be in deep trouble!

  6. Thank you all for the time and dyour thoughts.

    Today was a toughie for me on many levels; hearing from you all really lightened the load.
    Fox :}

    Victats - it's in your e-mail!
    fox : )

  7. I love your new header. Such a familiar-looking scene! The Cat is really beautiful.

  8. I love your bracelet, and the dragger looks good, Good luck with the denist hope everything goes well.

  9. Very nice bracelet for the little princess :)
    PS. The cat on the top of your site is cute! :)))

  10. So the cat tats!!!
    Great to see another dagger heart.
    Oh the dentist, undergoing treatment myself at the moment, so I really hope yours goes well

  11. Love the new header with your cat!!!!!! Love the tatting as well.

  12. From Tatology have I been absent in the late summer....or something like that! LOVE The Cat, there are so many tatting cats for me to enjoy now, and it's fun to see the Dagger Heart tatted in different colours and versions on the blogs.