Thursday, December 23, 2010

Want One of These In 2011?

#3 Motif Challenge 
Holiday Tree by Sue Fuller

Guess what!  
You should be able to get a pattern for this and every other pattern in Sue Fuller's book that we have all wanted to get our hands on for so long.  That is because she is - in her own words:

" ...working on my redo and plan to 
have my book available again in 2011."

Isn't this fantastic news?  
Remember, This is the woman who designed the brilliant "Heart's Desire."  
For those of you who do not yet know this famous pattern:

  I, for one, am thrilled that you are
planning to redo your book, Sue Fuller!


  1. ...she is also a great gal! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Palmetto Tatting Guild's Tat Days.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that heart!

  2. Ooooh, what splendid news. Can't wait to get my mucky mitts on THAT book. Whooopeeee.

  3. I like hearts and color
    It would be to think of putting in it of the cluny

  4. That is fabulous news! I wonder if she has a waiting list started? ; )

    Merry Christmas, Fox!

  5. Exciting. Now I can tat some of the great patterns that I've been seeing everywhere.

  6. Heart's Desire is one of my favorite heart patterns. So gorgeous.

  7. That's wonderful! I have wanted the pattern to this awesome little tree for some time now. Thanks for the good news! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  8. Yes!! That's the same thing she wrote me. Isn't it great to get such good news so many of us have been looking forward to. One more thing to make me very thankful. Karen in OR

  9. Yes, I want one! I would love to get on that waiting list - I love, love, love the Heart's Desire pattern. And this tree is adorable!
    (Oh, and Merry Christmas!)

  10. Yippeeee! I love the heart pattern, and I have to admit I've been coveting the tree pattern something awful. Can't wait for the reissued book!

  11. What an incredible scoop! I must add my name to the waiting list pronto!

  12. There has to be a waiting list because I asked to be let to know when it came out; about 2 years ago. LOL
    I was fortunate to be in an exchange with Sue Fuller; and, that is how we came to know one another. I look forward to the book! bj

  13. Love the tree and the tatted hearts! Have a wonderful Christmas>

  14. fantastic :)I like your blogg :)tatting :)Merry Xmas :)