Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Three Terrors

 First the good news:


Could not resist another Flurry Snowflake in Krystle's wonderful Midsummer Night's Dream, #20.  The colours are just great. The  ecru  is a sample of #20 Häkelgarn that I received at the Fringe Element Tat Days in September. I think it is bamboo - not sure - but it is soft and silky.  Lovely to handle, but splits easily and is difficult to get tight tension with. 

And these beads?  Another little dusty find in the old shop where I was looking for the primary colour beads.  These are rich, saturated, jewel tones, like the thread.

Then, I did manage to finish this four-shuttle motif that I saw in the Ring of Tatters pattern book: 'Twirly' by Serena Watson. A little grief here, but I was still coping...
#21 #22 #23 Motif Challenge

Here they are -  the Mount Everest times three in my tatting life: Clunies,  weaving with four shuttles and that diabolical Celtic knot!  Perhaps one day, I shall be able to do these correctly. It's a very big mountain...


  1. Fox,
    Those are all so elegantly done! Love the colored snowflakes. But your work is such a treat to enjoy no matter what you make.

  2. I love the beads with Krystle's thread - so pretty! I really like the looks of the cluny and the celtic tatting, but haven't got the nerve to torture myself with either of those techniques. (Well, not yet, anyway.) Your work is always so inspiring, Fox!

  3. You really made me giggle: working with FOUR shuttles, celtic knots AND cluny leaves! Whow. It wouldn't surprise me to see you one day in real life on the top of the Mt Everest: when you set your mind to it, you can do it! I feel something breathtaking coming!!!

  4. So now that you've conquered Mt. Everest, what else are you going to do in your spare time? Those are all challenging techniques, and you've done them all so beautifully!

  5. Wow - your "disasters" are stunning, I would be proud to display them.
    I'm on a Flurry kick too, I'm on to the fifth now. I don't think I have ever tatted so many of the same design, but sofar they have all been variations of red and green. I feel the need to make a bright yellow one so that it will show up on my daughter's dark green tree. Can't decide on the beads.....I want to tat three more this week, and then I will stop.

  6. Four shuttles sounds a bit overwhelming to me right now! Clunies... still on hold! Celtic tatting... not quite ready.

    Keep going! I will catch up to you someday I hope!

  7. You guys make me laugh!

    All that confidence in my abilities out there ....HA! I just spilled coffee grounds all over the kitchen, just making a cup of coffee - which I cannot even seem to accomplish without a huge mess to clean up! I am SUCH a klutz in real life. Hopeless!

    So, these comments, though so lovely to read, elicit hearty chuckles with a big dollop of chagrin!
    ♥♥ Fox : ) ♥♥

  8. Celtlic tatting is one thing that I only tried once. Not too successful at it either. Must give it a try again. Yours looks very good! It gives me hope that it is conqurable for me. Your clunies are coming along. Keep up the good work.

  9. tatting-marie, It is because I am enjoying your gorgeous clunies that I took a few minutes to practice! Thanks - kind words - but I see little improvement here. Grrr.... New Year's resolution coming up!
    Fox : )

  10. really lovely your work.. i want to try the four shuttle motif.. it looks an interesting challenge. such as the clunies.. a rough work for me! lol

  11. Always a beautiful choice of color and good ideas

  12. Fox, you are conquering new territory! I love the celtic knots, but so far have not tried them. I love the four-shuttle motif!

  13. love it, love it, love it

    You know, even though I had plenty of beads on my shuttles for the flurry, I somehow mis-read the pattern and ended up with 2 picots that didn't get beaded! ARG

    Guess I'm just going to have to make it again (until I get it right).

    The celtic tatting looks complicated. Is it?

  14. Lily,

    No one in their right mind should ever practice Celtic knots. Really. I am pulling out my hair in frustration!

    I need a real-life teacher and there aren't even any U-Tube videos about this.

    Ruth Perry's book is not very helpful,(pen name:Rozella Linden)so I probably will not continue.

    I tried to weave that knot again and I could not do it. As it it, I had to weave backwards... that dyslexic thing...

    But, all that said, you should definitely give it a try!!! You may find it easy! It is a beautiful addition to the tatting skill set.

    Optimistic Fox : )

  15. Fox, muy bellos todos. Yo todavia no empiezo a practicar el cluny, pero hay un video de Karen Cabrera en frivolite.ning espero que te sirva. Besos