Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fantastic Flurry

Jane's Flurry Snowflake and Krystle's HDT

Isn't This Purty!

He is a nice man, my dentist, and it was his birthday.  He got tatting and appreciated it! Love it.

That almost made up for the BIG needle that went into my palate.  .  Almost!  Just a new filling.  Phew. The procedure was relatively short and not too expensive.  Could have been a crown, so I  am looking at the bright side!

For this lovely bit of professionalism AND because it was his birthday, he got Miranda's Angels!  I didn't get to keep it for too long. Guess I will just have to tat another!

Then, my mom tells me there are some shuttles at her place for me from a friend of the family who has been very kind to my mother.  She knew I was learning to tat and said she would send me some old shuttles that had belonged to her aunt or her  mother - I forget whose they were.

This was a year ago, but she has remembered and I shall see them this weekend!  I made this for her for a bunch of reasons.  It goes in the mail today.

One of Jon's Covered Ring Patterns

In response to my email asking for her address in order to send tatting as a thank you for her lovely gesture, she sent me this:
I just cannot get over your talent.  Imagine mastering the most difficult of all "needle" crafts starting with instructions on the internet.  Both of our Mothers were creative and did beautiful hand work.  I appreciate the work that goes into a piece.  I have always felt the person so creative shares so much of themselves.  It is like reaching out to others!  I will always prize such a piece especially from you.  

I am blushing. And pleased. You see, she is a very special lady.


  1. Aw, that's so sweet!!

    Everything is Beautiful!!!

  2. That is a fantastic Flurry! I have yet to try Miranda's snowflake, but I keep promising that I will soon. Love the blue!

  3. They all look just right for Christmas, wonderful work. Blush away, you deserve the praise.

  4. Beautiful !
    Great magnificent with pearls a well-kept work

  5. The Flurry looks great in those colors!

    I'm glad your dentist liked the "Angels" flake. It's not everyone who would think to give a gift to their dentist!

    How neat to be getting shuttles from a family friend!

  6. Your flurry flake and your tatted ring look AWESOME!!! I just love them! :)
    Have a fantastic day! :)

  7. The colors are awesome in the tatted flurry. This is on my "To Tat List"

    I also wanted to ask what colors you used on Miranda's Angel snowflake? This is such a sweet piece. I'm heading over to Miranda's now to get the pattern.

  8. Carol,
    The threads are #50 and #60:
    Variegated: Lady Shuttlemaker's Enchantment
    Solid: Tatskool's Forget-me-not

    I have no more! Boo Hoo!
    Fox : )

  9. Wonderful tatting :) And what a lovely message from a wonderful lady!

  10. I really like the colors you did the Flurry in, it looks great. And the Angels in the snow - Oo la la! Love it!Love the colors!
    I must this woman is very special, to give you shuttles from her family. She knows you will appreciate them. It's a lovely gift you're sending her.
    Go ahead and blush, but she's right, your tatting looks wonderful.

  11. Sorry about the dentist. I need to try Miranda's snowflake.

  12. I Like this post, even the dentist part, :)
    I like all your earlier posts as well, though I may not leave a comment in all of them.

  13. Thank you for lettting me know the colors you used in the Angels in the snow. I bought the pattern from Miranda this afternoon. Now to find time to tat it this week.

  14. Hi Fox, I love your Flurry Snowflake especially with the beads. I think those beads really enhances this snowflake. The covered ring tatting is just lovely and I think she is going to just love it!!

  15. WOW! That Flurry is fit for the holidays - what perfect colors! You did a GREAT job with the pattern!

    HOW NICE ARE YOU?!! Giving the guy who sticks a needle in your gum Angels in the Snow! I'm glad he appreciated the workmanship you put into it. That had to feel REALLY good!

    That's also a very nice note you received, especially from someone you think so highly of.

    I'm glad you had such a nice day (well except for the needle part)!
    :) Ann

  16. Well, I agree with what she wrote in the letter, your work is very very good and beautiful. Both of the Christmas pieces, and of course the angels in the snow, are beautiful, but I can't get over the Christmas pieces. Everyone is doing them for the holidays, and maybe I am just excited because I always make ornaments every year, and I am envious of your talent... but they are breath taking imo. many people in this group do such incredible work and really, you should be proud of your talents, it brings smiles to faces and warms hearts when people receive such gifts from people who make them with the love that goes into them such as yours.