Friday, December 3, 2010

Mary Konior Strikes Again

#18 Motif Challenge

Inspired yet again by The Lace Lovin' Librarian, Diane, I tackled a  "Mixed Bouquet," from A Pattern Book of Tatting. I sure do like to see what I am going to tat next.  All I have to do is read that blog!

This is a lovely book; there are quite a few patterns in it that have me winding shuttles.  The problem with having amassed so many tatting books is that I forget the wealth of material on the shelf.  I know I keep tatting the same things over again instead of plunging into the stuff that is sitting there a few feet away - totally available! 

The thread is Krystle's but I do not know the name of the colourway. It is quite thin - probably #60, and I used it with #40 Coron  that umintsuru so kindly sent me ages ago. I had been saving it for the perfect project!


  1. Great idea to use a solid for the chains. It really defines the overall shape of the design and makes the whole thing "pop".

  2. WOW those colours are SO MEEEEEEEE. Wonderful combo.

  3. What an awesome color combination! I love how bright and beautiful that is!!! :)

  4. Fox,
    I love the colors you used. They make it catch your eye. I know Mary Konior has alot of goodies in her books. They are a treasure to have & enjoy. You do them so lovely!

  5. Oh, so pretty and colorful! I love the beads. Isn't this a fun little piece to tat?

  6. I have always loved this motif and have tatted and framed it more than once as a gift. It's very elegant and dainty, regardless of the thread size but I've usually tatted it in the finer thread sizes. It looks very good all by itself also and that's why I frame it so often!

  7. What a very colourful motif! Very interesting the way you paired the threads with the beads. Love the combo.

  8. its really beautiful this motif.. and also the colours you used for it!!

  9. Thank you so much, Everybody!

    I love the colours in this, and when I saw you do too, I am thrilled!

    You see, I have always been told by family members that I have "dreadful" colour sense.

    I believed this for most of my life and then I found tatting and BEADS!

    My confidence has grown by leaps and bounds and your comments have aided me tremendously!
    ♥ Fox : )