Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Done!

 Motif Challenge #25

This was murder to tat!  Most of the problem was caused by the fact that I was using some thread that I had wanted to try from T.T.E. and it ended up being WAY thicker than the beautiful #40 Chocolime, by Tatskool.. I should have realized that at the onset.  But... well.... 

SO, when I added the beads (on the backside, where I had a big , thick, thread to tat through) the process became unwieldy.

Those tiny, little beads came to me from Crazy  Mom, along with the red ones.  I like them a lot. The outer beads are copper metal ones that I am also rather partial to. I liked the colour of both of these beads with the thread.

This design completes another round of the 25 Motif Challenge for me.  I highly recommend this brilliant ongoing participation, courtesy of Sharon, for those tatters who are looking to stay motivated.  It has really kept me tatting and on track when I felt like throwing my shuttles out the window and picking up woodcarving tools instead!

Actually, I would NEVER throw my shuttles out the window...   

(I have word that I am still on the Most-Wanted : Lace List in several states and provinces for unprovoked shuttle abuse during several tatting ...ahem... episodes in the past year.  Beware: The Tatting Police are everywhere.  Tatting is NOT dead.)

This should prove challenging to put on paper... I am greatly 'afeared!


  1. It is so pretty, well done, um writing it down is the worst bit!

  2. Fox,
    I'm thrilled that you got it done! You done a wonderful job at it & it looks amazing! As for the tatting police,,,well, you can hide behind me. They won't look for you there. LOL! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. It's can't tell that it was ever "unwieldy". I had a good laugh over the "tatting police" ...oh where have I been?? I have missed so much. Fun post!

  4. Very nice and the copper beads are lovely! They match so well..

  5. This is also very beautiful, love your colorchoice and desing!! Wunderful, Fox!!

  6. REALLY beautiful! It may have been a tough tat, but those threads look wonderful together. NEVER FEAR - you'll get it written down!
    :) Ann

  7. You have done a wonderful job and I llove the colours, you should be proud!

  8. beautiful Fox, you have done a very good job at designing this

    will wait for the pattern, I think the tatting police are making a sweep in north dakota right now, so you should be safe at the moment.

  9. Thanks for the heads-up Ladytats! At least I will be safe for the Holidays! ( But maybe keep the curtains drawn when tatting?)

    Thank you, All, for your kind comments! Hopefully I will be able to decipher the notes I made along the way which may help in the getting it on paper. I hope. It would sure be fun to see this tatted by someone other than me! I would love that!
    Fox : )

  10. I knew you could do it!

    Congrats! (on everything including being on the most wanted list ... LOL!!)