Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is It Beading? Is It Tatting?

#2 Motif Challenge 

 Sometimes beads just are just not appropriate. This pattern is so small and delicate - especially in #80 thread - which I rarely use - that the beads overtake the tatting.  I would call this beading instead.  Not my fave.

I DO however really LOVE the two colours of beads I used in this motif - especially the teal, which is the reason I tatted this in the first place; I think the colours are splendid!

The pattern is Myra Piper's.  You can see I am into the little motifs at the moment. This fact can be directly attributed to the fact that   I am working hard on writing up the second design - the one done in  Tatskool's hand dyed thread - usually called HDT, for those of you who have asked.

Writing it up is stressing out my creative tatting muse.


  1. OOOH! The colors really are pretty, Fox!

    Myra's pattern is so lovely and delicate - I don't have this book - you are making me WANT this book! WHY d'ja have to do that Fox?

    I wonder if it would go back to looking more like tatting than beading if you went to just two beads at the base of the yellow rings and either left out the green beads at the top of the yellow rings OR threw a bead off of the middle of each of those center chains...

    Hang in there Fox - you're one smart cookie and you will get that pattern.

    :) Ann

  2. I think it looks nice and the colors look great together! :)

  3. What size beads are they? Size 80 is really fine thread. Maybe size 15/0 seed beads would work, but that's just a thought.

  4. Yarnplayer, The beads are too large, I know. I do not have many smaller ones as I tend to pick up (rather like a crow or a raven) colourful dollar-store beads when I see them! I should save my shekels and go to the 'real' bead store where I can get the proper size, better cut beads. The ones I use are generally great colours, but irregular in size and too big.
    Fox : )

    Thanks, G-d's Kid!

    Ann, BUY THE BOOK! It is a really good one! Trust me. Have I ever lied to you before?
    Fox the Enabler : )