Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valdani Trilogy

(#11 Motif Challenge)
Now there are three:

There is one more still on the shuttles.  
I feel like Diane with the Spinning Wheel mat!


  1. Trilogy? As in Star Wars (Tat) Trilogy?

    Blue/Gray: Darth Vadar
    Green: Master Yoda
    Red: Hans Solo

    I know, too corny; I'm terrible - sorry! But that's the first thing I think of when the word "Trilogy" is brought into conversation. (Old 70's trilogy was the best!!)

    Anyway, I really like them, Fox - very nice!

  2. Lily, Thanks for that! NOT corny! You made my day!
    ♥ Fox : ))

  3. Very nicely done, Fox! I love Iris' patterns -- such an interesting mind. These would look really pretty as a mobile or as tree decorations.

  4. They look great, Fox! I really love the green one.

  5. Oh love this trilogy. These are each beautiful. Happy tatting...

  6. Very pretty! I was inspired, so I went to Iris's site and downloaded the pattern. First mistake... I tried tatting while on the phone. Second mistake... I became too confident and missed two joins. Tatting in the waste bin, renewed effort tonight. So far, the Spinning Wheel wins!

  7. Fantastic trio! Love those icy blue beads on the gray one (or should I say Lord Vadar)! I wonder what world you will conquer next...
    :) Ann