Monday, November 8, 2010

Tags for Tots

I used to have such trouble twisting those little cords - don't know why as they are dead simple...NOW!  I didn't want to tat cords, so I twisted these as hangers for the tags for the dragon wrapping.  This things are now put away till December when I shall wrap them and attach these little tags.  Cute, huh!  I thought even the tags reflect the different personalities of the kids.
Thanks, Krystle,  for the HDT sample!

A friend of the family just had emergency heart surgery and is doing well today.  I will tat him a heart using the pewter-coloured, metal beads ( he is a millwright!) to send in lieu of a store-bought card. Judith Connors's pattern is perfect for this.

These will have to wait till I have done the heart.  Aren't they a great colour?  I have been eyeing them and wondering what I will do ...

Lastly, I am almost finished this elisadusud  heart and I am really pleased.  The colour?  I just grabbed two shuttles and began it; unfortunately not paying attention to what the thread looked like.  Not crazy about the colours.  Maybe a blue beaded one next? 


  1. What cute tags Fox! Your cluny heart is looking fabulous! Hope your friend recovers soon.

  2. Love the cluny hear colors!! It's like a strawberries 'n cream with french vanilla!

    Sorry to hear about your friend - send my well wishes!

    You know, every time I come to your page I start to drool... and then I realize why. It's because of your header. It's that thread and bead combo.. and I look at that header 2 or 3 times before leaving your page for the day

  3. The tags are adorable! I just use plain old stick-ons, and I'm not inclined to get fancy any time soon.

    I hope your friend recovers well from his surgery. I know of so many who are ill now. Is it our age?

    Look at you go with those clunies! Of course blue would be my preferred color, but I think this one looks great.

  4. Lovely tags and tatting. Prayers for your friend's quick and full recovery. Your tatted heart will be very special...

  5. the clunie is really made a success the point is more regular now
    I like the color nice work!!!