Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miranda's Angels Restore Tatting Mojo

Yes, thanks to the Miranda, I have broken free of the lethargic weekend!  Lily's comment yesterday scared me; I did not want the tatting blahs to last too long!!!

  Threads are:
Variegated:  Lady Shuttlemaker's Enchantment 
Solid: Tatskool's Forget-me-not
So, I printed out Miranda's pattern - Angels in the Snow - which she is selling here,  for a mere $3.00.  All the profits go to a great cause: the Brain Injury Association of New Mexico.

The pattern is so pretty, and challenging enough to lift me out of that dreadful funk.  Bonus: I love the beads I have added!  Yes!

#15 Motif Challenge
Here is the finished Maple Leaf. No beads.  Sigh....(Karey Solomon's pattern)

Re: Angeline's Travelling Book Adventure
I am trying to get in touch with Dale Marie, who now has the book.  Ideally, it should move along to sewmuchfun next, hopefully before December. Anyone know how to get in touch with her?


  1. Fox,
    It's great to see you are feeling alot better! Angels in the snow & maple leaf of your's is looking wonderful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I have Dale Marie's email & snail mail addresses if that will help Fox?

  3. The Angels in the snow is going to be beautiful from the looks of it so far! And the leaf looks great! :)

  4. Bye to the tatting blahs! Your angel is beautiful. Happy tatting Thanksgiving to you...

  5. Yeah!!! Lovely angel, and are those fire-polished crystals I see? Nice!

  6. Your doily is stunning and I am glad that you are out of your funk about tatting! Unfortuneatly I am not so back to crocheting and knitting for me! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Well, I'm thrilled that I could have such an effect! That's going to be a lovely flake. The beads and thread look like they were made for each other.

  8. It looks like its going to be a lovely angel, looking forward to seeing it when its finished, glad you are feeling better,
    I think its your thanksgiving day so I wish you a very happy day.

  9. Ah, this is the positive Fox we all know so well... she is back... The beads and colour of your thread match remarkably well. It will turn out lovely, we are sure..

  10. Lol, sorry about that! (at least it made you laugh!! Though your blog readers didn't know that one, ha!)

    Love the beads, and so glad to see you've gotten out of your slump. (Maybe my scaring you had something to do with that also, eh?

    :-D heehee

  11. Very pretty -- what thread is the Angels in the Snow, it's very striking!

  12. *whew* SO glad you climbed out of your tatting funk. Those beads on your "angels" snowflake are so pretty, much more flattering than the silver-lined crystal beads I am adding to mine. (I have a lot to learn about bead choice, clearly!)

    Do show more of that snowflake! Once I complete mine you will see how the clear crystals pale by comparison.

    But a big HURRAH for Angels in the Snow!

  13. Wow! Your Angel in the Snow is going to be a BEAUTY! Love the combo of thread and beads you have going and am SO happy YOUR happy!

    Your leaf turned at well also! You had mentioned that the light color would look odd in the middle of the finished leaf, but I really like it! Leaves kind of do that don't they?

    :) Ann