Sunday, November 14, 2010

Valdani Blunders & Heartfelt Hats


That Valdani thread is THIN!  But I am very drawn to it and like it with the two strands togeter.  Here is the last motif I gave to Sis, also with BIG blunders, as it was tatted so very late at night and also because it was for my sister the Master Quilter.  Of course.  All that sibling stuff....

Remember the hats for the Boys? They love them!!!
They will not take them off!  Liam sleeps in his and Grahamy will not take his off in Nursery School!  Love it!  And I thought they would find them too "wooly" and they would not not like the dragonflies. Yay!

And one for Maeve...


  1. Your accomplishments amaze me! Valdani thread squares for a master quilting sister, beautiful decorated hats... is there no end to your creativity?! They all look wonderful!

  2. Fox... those hats are such darlings! I enjoy reading about your trials with each new tatting piece that you make. Keep on tattin'!

  3. That Valdani thread is a pretty color - it must be fun to exchange handwork with your sister!

    I love the hats you make for the kiddos - you have me looking through crocheted hat patterns on Ravelry. Just looking for now, but I think they are in my future!

  4. It's so cool that the boys love their hats so much, and Maeve's is very pretty as well.

    I sometimes find very thin threads easier to work with if I wind them together with something a bit thicker. For example, imagine this Valdani wound with a solid blue in, say, a size 40 or 50. You would get the solid color throughout, and the changes in the variegated thread would blend with the solid.

  5. The hats look great! No wonder the boys like to wear them all the time. And the one for Maeve - quite the sweetheart.

    Good job with the Valdani thread. Whenever I try thin thread I break it when I tighten the rings. So you can imagine I don't tat with it much.

  6. Love these hats with motifs. Happy tatting...

  7. Love the hats and does Maeve's hat fit her!!! Lovely motif love the thread.

  8. The Valdani piece is beautiful. You know, the old saying goes: "Love is blind." Well, I love your tatting, so I guess I'm blind to imperfections you speak of because I don't see them much (until you bluntly point them out lol)

    Mini Boss Maeve gets a hat too! Sweet! I so love pink and white together! Is that the cluny heart I see??

  9. Thanks, M! I hope the hat actually fits - looked a bit big! : )

    Lily, You have a most observant eye! Yes, it is one and the same!
    Fox : )

  10. Hi Fox!
    How do you EVER tat with sewing thread! That's what that is, isn't it? It is striking in those colors and you did a great job! How tiny is that motif in real world terms?

    The hats are great! It's very satisfying to make something for a child which they truly enjoy - they can't be anything but honest at that age and their praise means even more.

    Maeve's hat is so dainty with its cluny heart and "furry" brim - it's darling!

    :) Ann

  11. Hiya, Ann! Nice to see you are around again!

    The motifs are pretty small. With the double thread, it is like tatting with #80 - just a tad bigger. I am getting used to it!

    You can see the comparative size in the post before this one where they are featured with the spool of thread in behind the motifs.

    Mailed Maeve's hat today. I hope she likes it.

    Thank you for the visit and the comments!
    ♥ Fox : )

  12. Love the motif! And the hats are great! :)