Friday, November 26, 2010

Angels, Fightin' Words & The Boss's Socks

Miranda's Angels in the Snow 

Threads are:
Variegated:  Lady Shuttlemaker's Enchantment
Solid: Tatskool's Forget-me-not 
Tatted in itty-bitty #50 and #60! 

Okay, Jane.  I am armed and ready and will not surface 
for air till I have wrestled 'er to the ground!

My corporate knitting gig is a blast!  How much fun is this? I have twelve students in all, over the morning, and most could not even hold a needle three weeks ago!  Look at them go!  Such a fun job! 

Now, if only I could interest them in a shuttle and some thread!

When the frustration was overpowering this week, I took to my hook and crocheted these soft wash-cloths to  give to the grands in December.  I hope their moms will let them use them in the bath.  Some folks do not like these cloths, but I think they are great;  they launder well and lather up beautifully! 

New socks for The Boss. 
Her family has had a difficult time these days, with ill relatives and  their old dog who is faring very badly.  I think Abby deserves a warm pair of new socks.  She is the one of the grands who likes them, and her mom has no aversion to "scratchy" wool!


  1. Oooh, I love the way the snowflake looks with beads! Very nicely tatted!

    Good luck with the Flurry flake. I haven't tried that one yet, though I keep meaning to.

    Congrats on your knitting class. It always makes me happy to see people taking up a new form of handwork.

    Who wouldn't want those washcloths? If the grandkids' moms don't want them to use them, they can pass them on to me!

    The Boss will love her new socks.

  2. Looks like you're armed and dangerous! I've been thinking about socks myself, but thinking is as far as I've gotten.

    I'm working on dish cloths, scarves, snowflakes... too many projects! I think you're making better progress than I am!

  3. Ah, you can do it all, can't you, Fox? Tatting, knitting, crotcheting! Your Angels in the snow is great. Great colours and perfectly matching beads: you did it again.

  4. And people think I'm busy....everything looks just perfect! Who wouldn't be delighted to get one of these wonderful gifts? And you will master Jane's flurry.

  5. Hope to see you again in blog land, Fox!!! Don't let the Flurry fox you - it's really easy, I promise.

  6. Your version of Miranda's snowflake is DELIGHTFUL - the colors and beads are GORGEOUS! Really, really, REALLY and TRULY!!!

    Diane is right, you have quite an arsenal built up there - watch out Flurry! - it's best just to give Fox the information she needs and NO FUNNY BUSINESS.

    How cool are those chairs your knitters are knitting in - even storage below! The clothes are great and so are The Boss's socks, but how many times do you poke yourself with ALL those knitting needles!

    :) Ann

  7. I just made a ton of new wash cloths for the kitchen :D they are the most wonderful washcloths, so I know what you mean, I used a diff stitch but yes, superb cloths! the socks are a great gift idea, she will lobe them, and your angels snowflake is fabulous, I love love lurrrvvveeeeeeee the colors and beads, I am coveting it through the computer as we speak, it is gorgeous!

  8. Your snowflake is beautiful and in my favorite colors of blues. You certainly are busy with the crochet hook and knitting needles. Such fortunate grands you have. Happy needling...

  9. Your snowflake is awesome! And the colors suit it so beautifully!!!
    And I love those wonderful washcloths, they should come in quite handy I would think! :)

  10. I love the colours you've used on the snowflake. It looks beautiful.
    Your washcloths are neat!

  11. A teeny hint on the Flurry, hard-gained experience: READ the pattern all the way through! I was on a roll, didn't read as far ahead as what to do on the last round with R9 on the third repeat...and had to unpick.
    It's a great pattern, I am on to my third.
    Interesting to see that you're knitting both socks at the same time - variegated yarn is fun, isn't it!

  12. Love the washcloths. I used to have a bunch of pot scrubbers made out of rug yarn but haven't done that in years. What yarn are you using for the washcloths? would love to whip up a few of those over the next few months. working on tons of quick scarves right now

  13. Nice socks, great wash cloths and I just love the colour of your new doily!