Friday, October 22, 2010

Off With Her Head!

Yes, this one is a SHE, and she is for The Boss.  Perhaps that is why I have had to cut off  the head about five times and the wings are giving me grief as well.

In my enormous beadery, I can find not one appropriate colour for this tempermental dragon's wing.

Much like The Boss, herself,  this wee beastie has a mind of her own and is determined to get her own way, at all costs! 

 - Try this pretty pink one, I say.

- No she bellows, I want green!

- But green is really not going to do the trick, I say.

- I don't care!  Try the orange sparkle, NOW!

- I am sorry, but I just cannot do orange sparkle; how about lilac?

- Lilac is for sissies, she hisses. Tat my ear. PICK UP YOUR SHUTTLE!

And so it goes.  This is a most difficult dragon.

Funny, how life imitates art. I am finding that as I tat the dragons, one for each child, I think of whom I am tatting it for throughout the process, and some magical transfer must happen, because the blue one IS  like Liam, and it felt like his personality as I tatted him up.  Grahamy, his brother, an entirely different personality, showed up quite obviously in the finished Green dragon that I just posted.

Just as tatting Grahamy the Green felt different than tatting Liam the Blue, choosing the colour of the beads produced an entirely different emotional response. I feel as if I am tatting the different personalities into these dragons that depends on the little soul that I am thinking about!

The Boss, as you might well have guessed by now, is a feisty little miss.  She and I lock horns more than I do with any of the others.  Perhaps it is because she is most like me in personality - headstrong and determined. Curious. Marches to her own drummer.

That is why, I suppose this dragon breathes fire before I have even tatted her head!  I hope she does not breath fire on my hook!

This is the lovely package that the Postman delivered yesterday!  
Lucky me!  I am going to enjoy all of this lovely gift.  
Cannot wait to try the Milford #40 thread. 
It feels wonderful!


  1. They will all love them, especially knowing each was made "just for me"! Can't wait to see the pink one.

  2. You must be quite an artist Fox, because artists are able to express their thoughts and emotions through their work, and that sounds like you're doing this with the dragons. That is wonderful! The dragons are looking very good. You might want to keep at least a glass of water handy as you tat the head for the Boss' dragon - just in case!

  3. The She-dragon looks great so far, and I love your shuttle--it's so pretty!

  4. Perhaps I will wait to tat dragons for my grandchildren... I'm not sure I'm up to tatting creatures that match their temperaments!

    Love the shuttle! I have the same one! : )

  5. I AM going to hunt uip that link for adding beads in the middle of rings!!
    Your little Boss sounds like my own feisty two-year-old red-haired granddaughter. We had to return a pair of peach coloured shoes to the shop because she would not wear them. She had wanted pink ones, but they had run out of that size in pink...we said she would forget about them, we said she would be so proud of the new peach shoes - we fought a Battle for Australia, in terms of the most magnificent temper tantrum you have ever seen - and we took the shoes back.We needed to restore ourselves afterwards with a wee sherry and a new ball of thread.......

  6. Maureen, Yes, that sounds just about like our situation - including the sherry and the thread! Thanks for the giggle!
    Fox : )

  7. So Mystical... you can tat the personalities right in to those dragons like that. Do you think they will actually come to life? Wouldn't you like to see Mini Boss go head-to-head with her dragon? (LOL) or maybe... they will team up together! ;-D

  8. Hey Fox,, What did you think of the Milford thread???