Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maebh Packed the Shuttles...

Babysitting in the evening and airport waiting  enabled me to have some time to get some serious tatting done!  That fabbo yellow HDT - recognize it? - of course is Tatskool's.  The leaf is a lot of fun to do.  I will tat that pattern again.

The little socks - always such a great gift - are from a pattern I think I saw on Diane's blog, but I am not sure about that... Here's the book it is in:

When I arrived home there were two packages for me in my mailbox!  I saw the stamp from Singapore, so I knew it was from umintsuru and the other stamp was from the USA, so it had to be the Nifty Needle.

Isn't it sweet?  Look at the pretty motif, decorating the card.  Lovely presentation!

Thank you to both most generous tatting buddies!  I love the tatting press and I am grateful for more of that wonderful Coron thread. 

This leaf was an extra little surprise in the tatting press when I opened it up! Love the pattern and the tatting is lovely!  Thank you so much, nifty!  Another thank you for a little bag of my favourite glitter.... BEADS!  I can never have enough!  These are very pretty and tempt me to be creative...
Uminsturu is a master at sending thread in a most unique manner.  Look at this - so pretty and such a treat for this Canadian who cannot find Coron thread anywhere! I might just re-tat the Mary Konior Ring O'Roses with the lilac...

Thank you both.

While I was away, I checked my SIL's computer and was AMAZED to see I had won the Typstatting Giveaway.  Zowie!

Never have I won anything.  I just do not.  I think when I was about 16 years old - so many, many moons ago - I won a carton of Coke in a radio show draw.  That is it.  I do not have luck with raffles, draws and the like.

So, M, if you are reading this, it was a wonderful thrill to read that I am the recipient.  Not only do get to have great tatting goodies, but also I seem to have broken out of a lifelong pigeon hole! Thank you!

I  must unpack.  But first, a little glimpse of what a wonderful trip I had and what fun I had with the kids...



  1. Aw…..

    love the leaves; and, yes don't some pack their goodies in such a special way. Wickedtats, in 'Spore, is like that. Her pkgs are so special and generous.

    Thank you for the love…I can use all I can get this month.
    PS You will be getting an envelope with stamps, no note sorry to say; I was just wanting to get it mailed before we left for CA.

    xxx Bev
    xxx bev

  2. FOX!!! I had NO IDEA you were related to the Marx brothers! They look like little jokers - I love the twinkle in their eyes!

    You did some LOVELY tatting on your trip. Why have I never seen that book? May need to correct that as it looks like it's got some good stuff in its pages.

    So glad the press arrived in one piece! When I went to post another press to Canada last week, the lady at the post office strongly disapproved of my packaging choice and made me worry that yours would be mangled - HUGE sigh of relief! :)

    Happy you had a good trip - glad to "see" you back in the neighborhood!

    :) Ann

  3. It's always so much fun to open tatting packages. I know you'll enjoy all your new goodies. That thread is perfect for an autumn leaf!

  4. So glad that you had a great time away and to come home to a couple of wonderful surprises!

  5. Lovely tatting - but oh dear, it was raining! And did you actually fly to New York on that teeny-weeny- TINY little plane??? - that would be at least a 3-little-pink-pills trip for me.

  6. Never leave home without tatting. My kind of gal.

    Are those the threads I sent before the blinged shuttle? Or was that after?

    I love what Nifty Needle sent you. And congrats on the win from Typs Tatting's blog giveaway.

  7. Hi Fox,

    Lovely to see my Québec Maple Leaf appearing on your blog! It looks great in those colours. I hadn't seen that thread from Tatskool before, it's beautiful. I also really like your little pink border.

    Best wishes,

  8. What lovely mail surprises! I love that Sheila York book. I haven't pulled it off the shelf in a while. Maybe I'll do that today.

  9. What nice presents! And a giveaway too! Yay!

  10. Hi Everybody!

    I had a great trip .. and yes, I was visiting The Marx Brothers!

    Ann, as usual, your words reflected my zany thoughts and I laughed aloud at your words. The package was pristine - not a tear or a wrinkle...

    Joëlle, your leaf pattern is brilliant. Fun to tat and obviously, from the comments here, very appealing.

    Bev, Always love to you and yours... Hope you have a great time in CA.

    Miranda - the thread from Tatskool's dye pot is dependably wonderful. Her colours are yummy and I like the Coats thread she uses.

    Typstatting and Suztats, Thank you for the comments and the visit!

    Maureen, There was apparently a tornado around when I flew in to Manhattan! Yes, those planes are TINY. Sometimes I need one of those little pills too... even though my dad was a pilot, or maybe because of that! Actually, I prefer the little planes to the big jets!

    umintsuru, I would NEVER leave the house without at least one little tin full of tatting supplies! I feel positively naked without it.

    ♥ Fox : )

  11. Diane, I almost forgot! You mean it wasn't your on blog that I saw this border? Where on earth did I see this book on someone's blog where the border pattern was being tatted?

    It is a lovely book, as you know, and I thought I had it on my shelf because I had seen YOURS!
    Fox : )

  12. I love the leaf you tatted! The colors and design just captured my attention! And the other tatting was great too! :)