Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maeve The Mallow

#20 Motif Challenge
Thanks for the fifth and final dragon to  
for the pattern and the imagination,
to my friend, 
for the fancy silver thread,
and to 
for the Milford lilac #40.


  1. Fox, this is really not normal. One dragon is even more stunning than the other. How do you do this??? Your work is so great and so inspiring.. It would not surprise me if we will soon see a lot of dragons from others fly around too. Really magnificent, this dragon-collection!

  2. I love every one that you've made. I think you're fast becoming Queen of the (tatted) Dragons


  3. Lovely Fox!! Your colors and beads are a perfect combination!!

  4. Very tough to keep up with all these wonderful dragons and all your other projects, everything done at lightning speed! Please tell me you have a cleaning staff and personal chef! I'm retired and can't find time to tat very much at all!!

    Love the photos of the statue! He's really something!!
    Is he 'guarding' a museum or library? Or perhaps your mansion full of servants! :)

    He's perfect for Halloween!

  5. Another beauty! I'm thinking of doing one in green and gold, our school colors. I'm afraid to get started, though. I may have students and teachers requesting personal dragons, and I know I'm not up to the task!

  6. You are so good at matching the thread and the beads, another super dragon.

  7. I second what Tattingrid said - Wow, your dragons are truly phenomenal. I am in awe of your genius.

  8. I have to agree that you are really rocking the dragons. What's next?

  9. This is the prettiest of all.....but I think that about all of them!
    It has been a lovely idea of yours - I hope the little dragons will stay safe and be loved through their owner's lifetimes.

  10. Thank You, All!

    Your comments and lovely words of support have helped me tremendously in getting the whole lot tatted - WAY before December, when I need them.

    I do so appreciate your enthusiasm and patience throughout the 'hatching' process!

    Now, I have to figure out a way to present them individually to the kids...

    ♥♥ Thank You, Again! ♥♥

    Fox : )

  11. Lovely Dragon and I am pleased that the thread came out great on the dragon!