Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying With Scissors - Thanks, Aileen!

Yup, they went with me on the plane no problem.  Scissors are not on the list of no-fly items, but sometimes security personnel have other ideas.

(Get a load of those Lupins!)

This time, I remembered the scissors that Aileen of Wicked Tats had sent me when Maeve was born, and I thought I'd give them a go, as I do not even try to get on-board with my good Italian embroidery cutters. They were a great addition to my travelling tatting gear and they work beautifully - in the scanner and on the thread!

 Finally, after all the days in NYC and hours at home, I was able to get a handle on Jane's pattern for the Flowery SCMR Bookmark. Ah, the grief!  But, I will now re-do it and tat the whole thing. It is both challenging and pretty.

I realize part of my problem is that there are so many tempting patterns on my desk, plus I follow Sharon's 25 Motif Challenge all the time, so I am constantly wanting  to leave what I am tatting at the moment to begin something else.

But, I am also a monogamous tatter.  Thus the dichotomy and the constant pull.  We courageous tatters certainly do face our demons!



  1. Cute scissors! Love the lupines and Jane's pattern... more ideas... when will I find the time to try them all?!

  2. Lupins look so intriquing when you do them, but I have other projects that need "tending" as my wise father-in-law always says.
    I love the lupins color so much-which color is it? And where to get it?
    That flowery bookmark seems to be coming along well. :)

  3. GK, Check the last post: Under "HDT" is a link to Tatskool's shop, where you can get the Daffodil Dell thread.

  4. Love those scissors and those Lupins love the colour!

  5. I really like the colors you've chosen for Jane's pattern!! Looks great!

  6. That Daffodil Dell HDT is such an incredible and versatile one! It makes everything look lovely. But your lupins are very well done in and of themselves.

    Your flowery SCMR bookmark will be glorious!

    Let me enable you with another fun SCMR pattern (hee, hee): Diamond and Pearls by Julie Patterson (copyright 2006):

    It is a free pattern, but only available using the wayback machine:

    Diamonds and Pearls

  7. Cute scissors. I am so happy to hear you were able to bring them on a flight because that is not always the case.
    Your tatting is so yummy, it is always a pleasure to look at it.

  8. Oh I love your Flowery SCMR bookmark color!! I am making another one of those as I type! I love the pattern and I was a needle tatter (still do sometimes) but I learned how to shuttle tat because of it. I would love to know what color your doing yours in!

  9. The clunies look GREAT - love 'em in that HDT! The flowery bookmark would be beautiful in that thread. SCMR - I need to figure those out...

    Good to know about the scissors. It's been a LOOOONG time since I've flown - we drive everywhere - but every now and then we talk about flying and I get all antsy - not because I'm afraid to fly, I just wouldn't want to get to my destination without a pair of scissors!

    :) Ann