Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't Leaf It Alone - Thanks Miranda!

#18 Motif Challenge
With help from Miranda, I was finally able to get this tatted.  The thread and the pattern are both Karey's.  Though the "mirror" tatting of the other side drove me almost crazy, I like this pattern and will definitely tat it again.

I was pleasantly surprised to reach the part in the pattern I had not seen at first glance, where the instructions tell you to roll tat!  Yah!!  Look at tips... there it is!

I have scanned the pattern and will mark the stitch counts on the diagram.  That will make things much easier the second time around.  Should have done that in the first instance, but of course, was so intent on immediately  tatting that I put the thought aside.  Foolish me!

The new dragon calls.....



  1. It's a beautiful leave, with nice colours!

  2. Very nice! I haven't tried any leaves yet... you'd think I would with all the color changes going on now!

  3. Absolutely love the new heading pic, and the leaf is gorgeous! What a wonderful job in both technique and color choice!

  4. It looks great! That's my personal favorite maple leaf. The thread is nice, too; it looks like the leaf is just barely starting to turn.

    I like your new header.

  5. I love your leaf!! I skipped leaves and am working on (dare I say it)....snowflakes!!!

  6. Love your leaf and the colour is perfect! Also love your new header!

  7. I was just thinking...for someone who discovered tatting less than two years ago, give or take, you have become one of the blogging giants! Your leaf is wonderful - now there are two things on your blog I have never attempted, roll tatting being the second.

  8. What a beautiful leaf pattern. Roll tatting scares me a bit, though! Very pretty thread, too. Also like your new header!

  9. Thank you Everyone! I am pleased there is a positive ring out there for the new header. I get very bored sometimes!

    Maureen - I am blushing. Was going to send you and email in response to your ...overwhelming words, but there is not a place to find it!
    Thank you for the very kind comments - always!
    (What was the first thing? Clunies? I forget?)

    Fox : )

  10. Very pretty leafy colour.

    My first attempt at roll tatting was doing a pattern from Mary Konior's book. It didn't turn out so good. Will give it another try later.

  11. Pretty leaf and a nice header..I like the pansy on your shuttle!

  12. Your 'Foxy ventures with a shuttle' header is absolutely very striking. I love the colours, the size of it and the text font. Of course the shuttle is gorgeous too.
    Love the shades of green in the leaf. It looks lovely. And what colour will the next dragon be?

  13. hello I like the thread you've used
    so beautiful!