Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Doilies Go Bad

  #24 Motif Challenge

 I was going to wise-crack about "Debby Does Doilies," and how it's all about her Tats and Chains, but I thought better of it as that is probably in very bad taste.  (My son taught me this trick years ago; it used to enrage me when he employed this mother/defying technique.)

Kelly was right  (see yesterdays comments).  She said that this looked like The Amusement Doily by Celtess.  It is.  I don't remember downloading it, but I have wanted to do it for a while.  I had some thread left over that Heather's generously sent it to me a while back. I thought it would be perfect for what I had in mind.  However, I ran out of thread and my improvisation was not terrible pleasing, though I do like the beads I chose for this.

The experience was positive as I learned a few things:

I am not a doily kind of tatter.  The round shapes with the concentric circle designs do not please me as I prefer the more Celtic or Gothic designs.

I'm also not much on the dainty look, prefering a design that is heftier in appearance.

I am not happy with the larger piece.  This one, in #20 threa is about 51/2 inches across.

I get bored with the repeats.  I knew this when I tatted the unending baby bonnet for Mini-Boss-Maeve.

So,  All those books about doilies and the innumerable patterns I have saved I probably will not use EXCEPT as terrific references and for stimulating creativity.  I do love to look at the doily designs,  just not to tat them.



  1. Actually, i have learned something from looking at your doily - those triangular shapes just jumped out at me! - because I am tatting a doily which has incredibly complicated triangles, and now I think I will bin all that stress and try a simpler shape! Amazing what colour can do.
    I enjoy tatting doilies and edgings most of all, and I think that is probably due to a lingering feeling that my time must be spent productively - the doilies can be used! (I use many, and give others away).

  2. Maureen,
    Thanks so much for telling me that!

    I often wonder why I blog about my mistakes and misadventures in tatting.

    But, I always reason that MAYBE someone will benefit from my mishaps.

    And there you are! I love to hear that someone (other than me)has learned something from looking at my tatting. Thank you!
    Fox : )

  3. I'm not much for doilies either although this is also one I've had on my to-do list for ages. Like you, rounds and rounds of tedium for something I will not use in the way it is intended short-circuits my plans to tat said doily. I DO want to frame a few but since it's unlikely I will ever tat more than a very few, I better like them to begin with! Speaking of bonnets, I was just at the weekend untangling the shuttles on the one I started for my granddaughter and abandoned. What was I thinking???? In size 80, no less! It will make a beautiful and delicate gathered bag once I finish that last round I was working on and stitch it to fabric. OR - I wish I had hair - I'd make it into a chignon. Well, of course I have hair but it's fine and thin and not big enough for anything to hold onto.

    Why do we do this to ourselvdes???

  4. Fox, I like your choice of beads and colors!

  5. I do like the colors, shapes, and beads. If it were gathered up into a 3 dimensional, ruffled decoration or flower holder the place where the HDT ran out wouldn't be noticeable at all.

  6. Fox, you are too hard on yourself! Yes, running out of thread is unpleasant, but I really appreciate that you to post all this on your blog. Why post only successtories? Do you really think everything we try turns into a masterpiece? Forget it, we tpp have loads of things that we are not happy with in the end. You are not alone! It is comforting to see we all have the same problems and disappintments! Ingrid

  7. Wow! I'm SO SORRY you ran out of thread!!! Your thread and bead choices are impeccable - just BEAUTIFUL. It's a pretty pattern and your tatting looks great! ROTTEN THREAD!!!

    I guess we all have our favorite things to tat. I haven't completed a doily, so I'm not sure if I'm a doily person or not. I know what you mean though. There are certain elements of sewing I avoid like the plague - won't touch a pattern no matter how pretty if they are there because they tend to take away from my enjoyment.

    :) Ann

  8. Fox,
    I was going to say,....'your tats and chains are lovely'... but I didn't want to be misunderstood.

    You know me, I like the doilies and the dainty. I don't have one in the house. I frame them and give them away to those who enjoy. Or, they go into my completed pile for someone to manage when I'm gone.

    Love the colors!

  9. Oh, yeah, I misjoined in a motif last evening and have decided it's not catastrophic and will be used someday. Perfection...it's highly over-rated.

  10. John,

    Finally! A chuckle! It's a tough crowd! Thanks.
    Fox ; ))

  11. Love the title to your post "When Doilies Go Bad" .. I didn't know they could spoil! LOL!!

    I, like you, like to look at doilies - but I'm not sooo fond of tatting them as I don't know what I will do with them when I'm done (probably just gift them away)

    It usually takes me a long time to decide on a pattern to make and then find which thread I want to use. For me, tatting takes a great deal of behind-the-scenes time, but it's always rewarding when I can finish something and 1. it looks half-way decent (with minimal mistakes)
    2. my choice of thread color with the pattern turned out as nicely together as I suspected.

    Regardless whether you like tatting them or not, your work always looks so nice!

    Blog away my friend, blog away!

  12. How utterly exasperating to run out of such a lovely thread choice again! (Think Charlie Brown having the football yanked out from in front of him by Lucy -- again and again.) AUGH!

    After reading your teaser post I went looking for that doily pattern by Celtesse. Even the Wayback Machine turned up bupkus.

    Would you consider sharing the pattern with me?

  13. Hum... For me "Whan doilies go bag"
    You can do a pretty little bag with this doily. It's an idea, but surely many others nice things with... Kisses and thank you for your com. Perhaps you will visit us one day...

  14. Well I just think your doily is pretty cute, but then I am not an expert on mistakes.

  15. Elisadusud, Good idea!

    Ah, France! If only I could visit again!

    Isdihara, Email on the way.