Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thrilled - A Rose For Scrooge

  I love this!  
Sharon's pattern from her "Marvellous Motifs book.
I tatted it using Green, Lizbeth #20, and the heart is Prelovka from T.T.E.
(Note the Canadian spelling!)

Remember how Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol, after waking up from the dreams, is filled with such happiness as he looks out the window at the little boy who will deliver the goose?  Remember his joy? He says he doesn't deserve to feel that good!

Well, that is how I feel sometimes when I have completed something I have successfully tatted!  Crazy, huh?

I always flash to that scene when I get the happy tatting feeling.  This is amazing to me, as Alistair Sim, who played in the original movie, reminds me so very much of my dad...



  1. What a lovely motif and I like the colours that you used!

  2. Your motif is indeed marvelous! Wishing your heart fills with that "Christmas morning" feeling every time you pick up your shuttles (or needles).

    Your work is so fine and delicate. I never tire of admiring it.

  3. Thank you, all! I am so glad you like this one, as it was such a joy to tat. I am already tatting another!
    Fox : )

  4. Ah ha, fascinating to look and compare! :)
    I like the way you did the centre picots, mine were a tad too long...I would try to get them more like yours another time.
    I gave my one to a friend/colleague for her birthday, she seemed happy.

  5. REALLY BEAUTIFUL! The colors look like Christmas as well! I'm acquainted with that euphoric feeling - it's the best - and SO addictive. I always want MORE!

    So I'm wishing you much more...
    :) Ann

    PS The guy who reminds you of your dad, reminds ME of Nicolas Cage! He must have been a handsome fellow.

  6. Thanks, Ann - you are so sweet. Yes, my dad was one handsome dude - a real head-turner! Tall, lean and Paul Newman baby blues. It doesn't get better than that! Than you for taking a good look!
    ♥ Fox : )