Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dragon Wing Delight! Thanks, Anne!

 #13  Motif Challenge

  What a great pattern to tat!  Very versatile... Anne's blog is here.
Next to tat.... the whole dragon.  I've really got to get to that pattern.  : ))

There has been some recent  activity around Angeline's Travelling Book.

If you are not on th list, which is here, then you could send me an email and I will keep you in line.

The book is still at the beginning of it's trek and it would be helpful if everyone would post when they reeive it, and also where it is going when they are ready to send it on.  That way, we can all watch its journey as it travels across countries.

Good idea? Everybody on board with this?

Many  thanks to  those who have already taken these measures.  Makes it fun for all of us who are interested in the book being enjoyed by many tatters in many places.



  1. Do you need more green thread for the doily? I would be happy to send you more. I am looking forward to Angeline's travelling book. You are so generous to do this.

  2. I would not have thought of doing the colors that way, with just one section different.

    Where is the book now, anyway?

  3. Fantastic pattern and your interpretation. I like, that one piece is so colourful.

  4. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE your use of color with this Dragon Wing Doily! VERY DRAMATIC!

    This is a great pattern! After seeing the doilies that Diane and others have made, I loaded up a shuttle. Now I see that there are even more possibilities for this and other patterns!

    :) Ann

  5. Thank you,, all! I love this pattern and I am happy I did the last section like that.

    Umintsuru, I actually had enough green thread to finish, but I had the impulse to add the little bit of Garden Afternoon at the end, as I had a smidgen of it left in this size.

    Thank you for the kind offer - it is nice thread - not nearly as nice as the Coron, (I have THAT straight now) but a good thread nonetheless.

    The book? Paula is the person at the moment. You can use the button on tat-ology and see the list.

    ♥ Fox : )

    p.s. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love your comment, Ann! ♥

  6. Love this - have been looking at doing this pattern myself, as I enjoyed the dragon.

    No post today - just getting back from the debate....

  7. Great idea!!!
    I think, sometime make like it.