Friday, September 10, 2010

Disastrous Tatting - Humbled Tatter

#19 MC
Everything that could go wrong did. You name it.  I feel like a rank beginner after this one, but I was determined to finish.  Here 's what happened.

Ran out of thread  -  Coron #20, sent to me by umintsuru through The Thread Exchange . So, I just added the pink and some beads, thinking, oh foolish me, that this could actually be a fortuitous development.

(Anybody know of a North American outlet for this thread?  It is like Olympus, also Japanese, and is silky and wonderful to tat with.  I checked around on-line,  hurriedly, and got nowhere in my search.)

Then, I ran smack into the old, directional bogeyman.  At the end, I was wild with frustration, as I contorted my hands, the thread and my coffee table trying to find which way was up!

Really, I should not be surprised, as I find I usually must tat Mary Konior's patterns at least once to find the rhythm. At the onset,  I thought this one was gong to be a piece of cake. Surprise!

Has anyone out there in Tat-land done this one?

I am going to tat something really easy now.  Sigh...



  1. Sorry! I can't help you out at all. I haven't any of this thread, and I've never tried the pattern, although I think I should. Good luck!

  2. I did it! I did it! You can see my attempt here:

    Hopefully the link works. Yours looks pretty nonetheless. I haven't tried the Coron thread yet, though I really should.

  3. I hear your frustration on this piece. However you should be pleased that you persevered and finished this. Now you can make something you love. Happy tatting...

  4. I'll bet you could dye this. I think it looks pretty and I like both the colors--separately, though. How about dying it?

  5. Thanks, Diane, Jeff and Createology,

    The thread is really nice. I hope you can find some to try - umintsuru will trade it with you if you have something for her. It is worth the effort to trade - I love the stuff!

    Jeff - Nice of you to say it is pretty. It is not.

    I will go and look at yours now. Mine makes me nauseas!
    Fox : ))

  6. OMG, Jeff! Yours is fantastic! Beautifully tatted . Now I really am humbled!
    Fox : O

  7. Hi, Linda,
    Thanks for the visit! Good idea, but if you look at Jeff's, you will clearly see why this has to be tatted again! Chalk it up to the first go-around.
    Fox : )

  8. I've tatted it at some point but I don't generally do directional tatting. Lovely thread color. Situations like this are the only times I wish tatting was like knitting or crochet - when you can pull a thread and reclaim it.

  9. It looks nice as it is, the two pastel shades go well together...

  10. I have horrible issues with direction. I attach a marker thread when I finish the first ring(like attaching a luggage tag)with the tails to the back. Then I always know where the front back and beginning of the piece are.
    I believe I got the idea from Sherry P. LadyShuttleMaker.
    If the piece is large or twisty I use more than one marker.

  11. here's a link from the caron website for mail order sources

  12. Oh, I'm sorry you've been so frustrated. It is a beautiful motif and I like the choices you made about how to add the beads.

    You've chosen my own solution to tatting frustration--do something really easy for a while. May the tension pass quickly so you are ready to move on to another challenge.

  13. I love it and am amazed by it! My husband said it looks awesome too! He seems facinated by tatting and wants me to tat large pieces to display around the house so he can see them regularly.
    I think you piece would go well on some kind of little girls dress or hat or something in pastels of similar shades. :)

  14. I think you need more thread now. I had some problem with this pattern too. I had to unpick several times. E-mail me what other colours you need besides the lilac. I will send you more.

  15. connie, that is a great idea. I will try it.

    The thread is Coron - not Caron! I have already tried that site, as I made the same mistake! Different company; different thread.
    Fox : )

    umintsuru, you are most generous. Thank you for your very kind offer. ♥

    Eliz, Just like in real life, eh? Go back to the basics...
    : )

    Thanks, everyone!
    Fox : )

  16. I actually like the purple and pink a lot! It is very pretty (in spite of your assertions otherwise).

    Now I must go look at Jeff's...